What is a desk job? It’s advantages and disadvantages

A desk job is a job that a person does while sitting behind an office desk. Americans are spending more and more time sitting at work, and those jobs are usually done while sitting at a desk. With the growing development of technology and the growing IT industry, you can expect that the software engineers and developers are the ones that are spending most of their time at the desk.

Woman working behind a desk

What are jobs that require working behind a desk?

However, they are not the only ones with a desk jobs. Other professions where most of the work is done behind a desk include attorneys, where at an ordinary law firm, most of the workers spend a lot of time doing their job behind a desk. Accountants, mechanical engineers, and insurance sales agents are other great examples.

Also, there are dispatchers, executive assistants, and receptionists are even more examples of workers who have desk jobs. So, generally, these types of jobs can be found in business, marketing, finance, IT, administrative departments.

The positive sides of having a desk job

So, these types of jobs are associated with offices and that means that those jobs are usually done in pleasant environments, tidy and air-conditioned spaces. For people that don’t want to work outside, this is a great option, and are these jobs are usually a bit less stressful than jobs that require manual labor. Also, there is a higher chance that you will earn a larger paycheck if you are working in an office job, rather than some sort of manual labor. If you are working from home, as a freelancer at your home office, that can also be considered as a desk job, as most of the working time is spent behind a desk.

Meeting in an office

Downsides to having a desk job

There are, however some downsides to having a desk job. Since you’ll be spending most of your day sitting, there are greater chances you will be inside most of the day and won’t get enough much-needed physical exercise. That can lead to growing back pain, vision problems (as most of the time will be spent looking at a screen), gaining weight among many others. You can get a standing desk, a type of desk that is getting more and more used, to make you work while standing, hence it’s much better for your health. The ApexDesk Elite Series is a great option.

Those people who have a non-desk job are much more physically active and don’t have a monotone day than those who are working in an office have. However, for those who want to acquire some daily habits, or already have some, desk jobs will be a much better option.

So, like with any job in this world, there are advantages and disadvantages of having a desk job. There is no secret that desk jobs are getting more and more popular as they offer a better paycheck. If you think that working behind a desk is for you then go for it, just remember to get enough exercise!