Every true gamer needs a proper gaming desk that will make his gaming experience that much better. Gaming desks should be wide enough to fit dual monitor setups, have space for gaming accessories and look cool. And this one does just that for a great price.

Vitesse Gaming Desk

Quick Insight

Gaming desks can have quite a hefty price tag, and when you purchase a brand new PC, maybe you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on a desk. And we think the same.

That is where this big Vitesse gaming desk comes into play. It has a ton of features that will you will like and that will make your gaming experience better.

We will get into every possible detail about this desk, from it’s design to it’s assembly.

Let’s get to it.


This is a very big desk, measuring at 55” in length and the width of the desk is 23” and that together provides for a very spacious desk, meaning it comfortably has enough space for two monitors so you can enjoy your gaming on a multi-monitor setup and also has the space for all of your gaming accessories.

This desk is not the best option if you want to use it as a corner desk since it is T-shaped. If you want to put a desk in the corner you should look for an L-shaped desk. Now, back to the Vitesse.

The top of the desk is made from two pieces, rather then one, but it works just fine. The desk top has a carbon fiber look to it, matching the overall racing style of the desk about which we will talk about later.

Desk is really sturdy and stable, which we didn’t expect initially for a desk with this price tag. The frame is made from steel and with the 4 leveling feet it holds the desk pretty nicely and can withstand a huge amount of weight, so you don’t need to worry about it being unstable or weak.

Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk Dimensions


Vitesse Gaming Desk Racing Style

In the name of the product stands the adjective “Racing”. And that very much depicts the style of this desk, racing style. Have you ever seen a Formula 1 or Nascar race? Noticed how all racing cars have an aggressive, fast design to them? The colors and the lines? That is the story with this desk.

It has a black/red colorway that covers the whole desk. It has a couple Vitesse logos that are found on the sides of the legs and on a giant mouse pad that covers the whole desk top.

All of those decals, shapes and colorway contribute to a really nice looking gaming desk. And keep in mind that it comes in three colorways: Black, Carbon Fiber/Black and Red, with the red one being the brightest and the one that stand out the most.

So, if you are looking for a desk that stands out, we would suggest you go with the red version.


Since this is a very sturdy desk and it’s construction is made from steel, you can’t expect it to be light. And that may not be a bad thing, as the weight adds the stability to the desk.

But, it is not the heaviest desk in the world either, and it will still be pretty easy for you to carry it around when looking where to place it in the house and assembling it.

If you are interested in numbers, it weighs around 60 lbs and for those Europeans out there that is a little bit more then 27 kgs.

Leg Space & Ergonomics

One problem with desks is that many of them don’t have a lot of leg space which can be bad for your posture if you sit at the desk for a longer amount of time. You want to be able to stretch your legs from time to time and this desk gives you just that.

It is shaped in a way and big enough to give you a comfortable and pleasant experience.


With all gaming desks come great, cool, in-handy features to improve your overall gaming experience. You have come home after a long day at work and you just want to relax and have fun playing video games and just want the best possible experience. Well, this Vitesse Gaming Desk with it’s cool features gives you just that.

The three biggest in-handy features of this desk are the handle rack, a headphone hook and a cup holder.
The handle rack is a very nice feature offering you a place where you can put and store your controllers. That way the desk can remain neat and organized. On that gaming rack are 4 USB ports because why not? The more USB ports you have, the better.

If you are a avid gamer, chances are you are using a quality, overhead headphones for better audio experience while gaming. And since those headphones are big in size, this desk has a headphone hook underneath the desk top that allows you to place them there and keep them hidden and the desk organized.

The last feature that this desk has is it’s own cup holder. If you are drinking a juice or a coffee while gaming you don’t want a glass of juice or a cup of coffee on your desk because it can spill anytime on you keyboard and mouse. And to reduce chances of that happening, they have put a cup holder on the side of the desk, a safe place you can store your drink while enjoying your game.


  • Has plenty of space
  • Great, in-handy featured
  • Sleek, racing style
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Comes with all the tools to assemble it


  • Desk top is made from two parts
  • Instructions are bad


The assembly of the desk should take you a couple of hours to complete if you don’t want to rush it and take it step by step. Now, with a desk that is this size and has all of these features, you might think it will be a very complicated task that will take forever to complete.

But, as we said, a couple of hours and it will be done. The manufacturer gives you all the stuff needed to assemble a desk of this size, including plenty of screws, quality screwdriver, hex keys and other stuff. So, you don’t have to worry about if you have the tools and home to assemble the desk, the manufacturer provides it to you.

Now, you can’t assemble a desk without the instructions and this is were it gets a little bit tricky. The instructions are bad, but if you take it slow, step by step and not lose you nerves in the middle of the process (like we did), you should be able to complete it just fine.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We just love this Vitesse gaming desk. It is spacious, has a lot of great features, the looks of it are great and the price is fantastic.

Sure, it has a few imperfections but they are not that big and obvious.

We would definitely recommend it to any gamer who is looking to purchase a new gaming desk that doesn’t cost a fortune but checks all the boxes of a quality gaming desk.

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