How to survive a whole day in high heels

In many industries, appearances matter. Although many companies have adopted casual dress code in the past decade, many employers still encourage a more formal business attire. When it comes to the “boardroom formal” dress code, employees are expected to project a professional image and convey executive presence.

And even if you are passionate about beautiful shoes, sometimes you would probably rather put on a pair of flats instead. And I know you have been lying that they are not that bad, in fact they can even be comfortable, but inside you go “Ouch!” We all have a love-hate relationship with our high heels and it will remain so. We love them so much but they seem that they mock us! Let’s be honest, high heels are really a torture. They make us beautiful, that’s true. Taller, skinnier, and give your walk a sensual sway. They look good with formal gowns and special occasion dresses like those you can find here. They complete and personalize the look. But what if your workplace dress code require you to wear heels? That means spending a whole day in high heel shoes, every single day.  Here are some strategies to stay standing and to hold out as long as possible on your heels.

Try them before you buy them

The first advice that I can give you is surely this: buy your heels in store where you can try them on. Walk around in them for a bit, and try standing in them. You will see right away if they’ll do for you. If they bother you a little now, later they will become a real torture. If you prefer buying online, that is fine as well. Just make sure that the store has a good return policy.

Invest in gel insoles

If the heels are high you should consider making a small investment on gel insoles. These attenuate the pressure on the front of the foot and prevent the foot from sliding too far forward if you are wearing open-toes. There are also strips of gel that can be applied on the edges of the shoe to make it more comfortable.

Wear socks

If you have the chance, and if the type of shoe allows it, wear socks, even the thinnest ones. You will absolutely notice the difference. The sock reduces friction of the shoe on the foot and endurance times on your high heels will increase dramatically.

Choose chunky

Compared with stilettos, thick heels that stabilize the foot and ankle are certainly more comfortable and now they are also fashionable! Mainly if you are the first steps in heels I recommend that you choose shoes with chunky heels.

Wear Moleskine

Moleskine is a soft padding that can be cut any way you want to, so it fits your foot perfectly. It can cover any trouble spots you have on your feet and it molds to the shape of your feet better than a bandage. And it won’t unstick and hang after an hour of walking.

flat shoes wedding dress casualWear flats whenever you can

High heels have the stigma of being bad for both comfort and health. If you have to wear heels to work, then make sure to choose more feet-friendly shoes in any other occasion. I wore a pair of flats even on my own wedding. It was a beautiful casual ceremony, with only our friends and family. I wore one of the casual and informal wedding dresses from MadameBridal, and my pair of flat sandals made the perfect sense, and I was able to dance the night away and still able to walk the next day.

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