Steelcase Think Chair Review – Worth the high price tag?

Steelcase, one of the premier manufacturers of high-end office chairs, introduced the Think chair way back in 2004. A long time has passed since then, and the new model is out. The original Think was a fantastic office chair that brought a lot of innovations, so there is a tough job on the new Steelcase Think to surpass that.

The Think V2 also brings in a ton of new technologies that should make you more comfortable, help you with back pain and make your time sitting on it more enjoyable. But, those all of that new technologies make the chair worth this high price tag? Is the Think worth the investment? When you are thinking about investing in a new high-end office chair like the Steelcase Think, you should know all the details. How comfortable it is, is it good enough for long hours, is it durable, does it give back support? We are giving you the answer to all those questions.

Let’s jump into the review.

Comfort and features

Obviously, when investing in a pricy chair, you want to know how comfortable it is for all your activities, whether it is work, study, or gaming. Since Steelcase is a premium brand, you can expect some great features in the Think that will enhance its comfort levels.

Steelcase Think 3D Knit Chair

Steelcase Think V2 Chair

The Steelcase Think is a chair with a fantastic build quality that will encourage you to keep a good sitting posture.

Its design makes it fit amazing in any type of office you place it in and most of the adjustments work smoothly.

Let’s start with the seat itself. The seat cushion on the new Steelcase Think is quite firm, which for those who are looking for a chair with a soft cushion, may not be ideal. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable, just that it’s not for everyone, though it offers support. You could use a softer pillow to put on the seat to make it a softer one, but, when you are spending this amount of money on an office chair, that could be somewhat absurd.

In general, the seat makes you comfortable for some time, but it’s not the best in terms of long hours, although the ones that perform best in that department cost even more than the Think. The design of the seat reminds of a waterfall, hence the name “waterfall design”. What it does is that design moves the pressure to your legs to give you better blood circulation than a chair with a standard seat would. That is the biggest positive side of the seat and we were quite fond of it.

The biggest technological innovation that you can find in Steelcase Think is the LiveBack Technology. During your long working day, you’ll change your sitting position often, and that is where this great technology comes into play. It’s reacting to your position changes and moves with you to offer you as much support as possible. So, standing still in your chair through the day is not good for your health, and the LiveBack technology, which you also can find on Steelcases’ other chairs, encourages you to move and get a better blood flow.

Let’s move to the backrest. For those looking for more breathability, you can get the Think with a 3D knit back, which will make you more comfortable and give you much more airflow. It’s high quality, as you would expect from Steelcase.

So, the Think Chair by Steelcase scores quite well in terms of comfort. Though it’s not the most comfortable office chair in the world, the technologies it has allow you to quickly find the right posture and be comfortable in it for some time. For those who prefer firmer seats to the softer ones, the Think is a fantastic option.

Comfort 85

List of features

  • Integrated LiveBack System
  • Height, width, depth and pivot adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Adaptive Bolstering
  • Recline Tension
  • Comes in many different colorways

Steelcase Think Specifications

  • Width – 28.5″
  • Depth – 29.5″
  • Height – 37.25 – 42″
  • Weight Capacity – 300 lbs
  • Frame Materials – Steel and Aluminum
  • Chair Weight – 32.3 lbs

Build quality

When you get any Steelcase chair, you can expect the highest build quality, and that is also true with the Think. The weight capacity, 400 lbs, is one of the highest you can find in office chairs, and that speaks more than enough of durability and high-quality materials used to makes the Think V2. Even though it’s that durable, it’s actually very lightweight, something that’s not expected. So, the Think, even though it’s not the best Steelcase chair, is exceptionally sturdy and well-made, so there are no huge surprises in that department. It’s rigorously tested and sets the new standards for chairs’ durability.

Build Quality 95


If you are looking for a minimalist chair, the Think is the one you should go with. This chair is absolutely gorgeous and we are huge fans of its clean and simple design. Even though the Think doesn’t stand out with some crazy futuristic design, it will look fantastic in any home office that you put it in. The knit comes in 14 different colorways, from the standard black/white/gray to the more vibrant ones like the tangerine and blue jay, so there is a colorway option for everyone’s style and preferred taste.

The lumbar support looks amazing with its smooth finish and the clean Steelcase logo in the middle of it. Truly gives that extra touch to the Think. All of the parts of the Think are amazing designs and go great together. So, you get the idea why we are such huge fans of the Thinks’ design.

Design 95


The Steelcase Think is not a chair with a hundred different adjustability options but it’s not the one with a small number of them also. There is a feeling that they could’ve done more in this department, and not everyone is going to be a fan of Think’s adjustability options. Though they are extremely easy to control, except the lumbar support that when adjusting it, is not the smoothest operation in the world, but, it does get the job done. The range of its adjustment is 4″.

Steelcase Think V2 Blue Front View

You can adjust the seat height very simply with the lever under the seat and also the seat depth, which can get quite handy. Both of these operations work extremely smoothly and are very satisfying. The reclining adjustment uses your own weight to work; the more you lean backward, the more the seat will also lean. With the lever found under the seat, you can lock in the tilt position that you found the most comfortable. Again, both of these operations work smoothly. The arms on the Think are 4D, which means you can adjust them 4-ways.

So, all of the adjustment options are easy to manage, and you’ll always get the much-needed support no matter when, because of Think’s great technologies. Not a lot of adjustability options, but those which exist work amazingly and smoothly, so no worries there.

Adjustability 85

Assembly process

The amazing thing with the Steelcase Think is that it comes nearly fully assembled. That is a huge time and nerve saver because that process can get quite messy with some chairs. That is not the case with the Think, however. In this department, Think gets the highest grade possible.

Assembly Process 100

Steelcase Think V2 Pros and Cons


  • Great design
  • Build quality
  • Assembly process
  • Different colorway options


  • Lumbar support adjustment doesn’t work smooth enought
  • Not a huge number of adjustment options

Steelcase Think Review Conclusion

For those who want a chair that will correct their sitting posture, the Think is a magnificent option. It’s not the most comfortable chair in the world, there are a couple of them that outclass it in that department but are also higher priced than the Steelcase Think. Overall, the Think is a great chair that has a lot of positives and a couple of negatives, as expected, but it’s a chair that will make you fall in love with your work and not a lot of chairs can say that.

The build quality and durability are top-notch and those are just a couple of reasons why the Steelcase Think is worth the higher price tag. Also, the option to get it in a variety of different colorways is a huge plus.

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