Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 – Which One To Choose?

Steelcase is a world-renowned brand of office furniture that exists for over a hundred years. With their products, you can expect innovative and futuristic design, great technologies, and a ton of amazing features. That’s what you can also expect in our Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 office chair comparison.

Most of Steelcases’ chairs can come at a high price because of the material quality and innovative technologies that we mentioned. But, that is not the case with Series 1 and Series 2. With these chairs, Steelcase has tried to put great design and a couple of amazing technologies into chairs that have an affordable price. Did they succeed? Is the Series 2 a much better option than the older Series 1?

Let’s find out.


The important thing with office chairs is that they need to have a lot of ergonomic features that will make life much easier and healthier for the user. That is the case with both of these models. The main feature of both chairs is the LiveBack Technology (Air LiveBack on Series 2), a new and impressive feature that allows for more back support. The mesh back on both models allows for more airflow than you would find on regular chairs, making them a much better option if you are living in a hotter environment. They call it the 3D Microknit and it works great.

Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase 1 is the first Steelcases’ attempt to bring the features and comfort of a high-end office chair to a mid-ranged chair as much as they can. They have surely succeeded in that.

Both of these chairs have an in-handy feature that allows the chair to react to your movements and move along with you. That allows for more recline, which makes the experience much more comfortable. Both Series 1 and Series 2 have built-in air pockets that are placed in the seat, which allow for more comfort, especially important after long working hours. Those feel pretty much the same on both chairs. The difference is surely the back support, which is significantly better on the new Series 2, making it a great study chair.

Now, the downside to both chairs is that a lot of features come at an additional expense. These include the super-important lumbar support, which is a much-needed feature, a coat hanger, 4D adjustable arms, and a headrest, among others.

Steelcase Series 2

Steelcase 2 brings some new features and minor design modifications. It’s a fantastic mid-range office chair and a worthy successor of the original Series 1.

Build quality

Steelcase has a great reputation concerning the build quality of their chair, and with these, that is no different. Both of them are remarkably sturdy and quite durable. Thinking that, you would think that they are heavy, but, surprisingly they are very light. Even though they are lightweight, they have a weight limit of 400 lbs, which is fantastic.

So, you absolutely shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of these chairs, and the great thing is that you get a 12-year warranty, which should boost your confidence about the build quality of the Series 2 and Series 1. The Steelcase Series 2 even gives some impression of a high-end office chair, even though it’s priced much less.

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Steelcase Series 1 and Series 2 have quite similar designs and that isn’t bad at all. Because, the design of the Series 1 was a great one, so why change the good things? The only noticeable difference is the design of the back. Both of these have a clean, sleek, modern design that will look amazing in any office that you put them in. And, both have an option to choose many different and fabulous colorways.

Steelcase Series 1 in an office


The Steelcase Series 1 and Series 2 are both great office chairs, there is no denying that. Series 2 has a couple of noticeable upgrades that are worth a little higher price tag. You truly can’t go wrong with anyone that you choose, but the Series’ 2 feature gives it the slight edge over the older Series 1.

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