Steelcase Gesture vs Think Office Chair Comparison

Two very popular high-end office chairs from Steelcase go head to head in another edition of our office chair comparison. This time it’s the Steelcase Gesture and the Steelcase Think.

These two have a lot of similarities but also have a couple of differences that may make a difference in your opinion on which one to purchase. We’ve looked at the differences in appearance, design, adjustability features, comfort, ergonomics, build quality, and of course, the price, which is not a smaller one.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the comparison.

Construction and build quality

If there is one thing you shouldn’t worry about when talking about Steelcase chairs, it’s surely the build quality. One of the best brands for high-end office chairs has a 12-year warranty on most of their chairs, including these two, the Think and Gesture. This information should give you more than enough confidence in the build quality of their chairs.

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Steelcase Gesture

With its high number of adjustment features and ergonomic design, the Gesture is one of the best office chairs, which will be a great option if you need it for working long hours.

Even though the Gesture is made from many plastic parts, the build quality is exceptional, and that makes the Gesture one of the best chairs regarding the build quality we have tested.

That is the same case with the Steelcase Think; it’s also very well-built, sturdy, and durable. But, the difference regarding the construction between these two is that the back on the Think is made from mesh, which is a better option for those who need superior airflow and breathability.

Steelcase Think V2 Chair

Steelcase Think

The Think has a much lower price, a mesh back and a ton of vibrant colorways to choose from. While it doesn’t have as much as adjustability features as the Gesture, it is a comfortable chair, especially for those who prefer firm seats.

Adjustability Features

When you plan or think about spending a big amount of money on an office chair, you want it to have as many adjustability features as possible so you can get a perfect position for your body. The Gesture, a much more expensive chair than the Think, has a lot more adjustability features, as you would expect.

Steelcase Gesture

It is actually one of the most adjustable chairs that you can find, compared with the likes of Herman Miller Aeron. It doesn’t matter if you are short or tall, you can easily find the right position with the Gesture, and it’s one of its strongest selling points. For an additional cost, you can get an adjustable headrest, if you need one.

The big difference in adjustment features between these Steelcase chairs is the armrests; they are much more adjustable on the Gesture. The other adjustable feature where the Gesture clearly beats the Think is the seat depth adjustment.

Steelcase Think

But, all of this shouldn’t mean that the Think is an office chair with few adjustments; on the contrary, it has a lot of them, but the Gesture, as a much more expensive chair, and as one of the best in this department, is a clear winner regarding the adjustability features.


We mentioned in the construction part of this comparison that the major difference between these is that the Think has a mesh back, compared to the Gesture’s classic, padded back. It’s made from 3D Knit, a durable and breathable mesh that will contour to your back, giving you comfort and breathability. But, for those who prefer to have padding on the backrest, the Gesture is the chair to go.

Let’s move to the seat, another crucial part of the chair’s comfort. Steelcase isn’t known for making chairs with thick seats, and that is the case with both of these. But, the Gesture has a more comfortable seat if you plan to sit on it for long hours. Not that the seat on the Think is that uncomfortable, it just may be a big turn-off for people who prefer thicker seat paddings, and the Gesture, even though it itself doesn’t have a thick seat, is more comfortable than the seat found on the Steelcase Think.

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Not the major deciding factor when choosing between these two high-end office chairs, but who doesn’t want a nice-looking office chair? Even though the design and looks are a personal preference, we must say that both Steelcase chairs look amazing. The Gesture has a more minimalist look to it, while the Think, with its vibrant colorways, has a more cheerful look to it.


The major difference between the Steelcase Gesture and the Think is surely the price. If you can afford the Gesture, the office chairs with many adjustability features and top-notch build quality then you’ll get one of the best office chairs available, which will last you a long time.

If you can’t afford the Gesture, Steelcase Think is an excellent option, especially if you are a fan of mesh back and vibrant colorways. It’s a perfect desk chair for college students. Safe to say, you can’t go wrong with whatever chair you choose to purchase.