Steelcase Amia Review – One Of The Best Steelcase Chairs

Steelcases’ fantastic lineup of office chairs has a chair that isn’t that much talked about as some other ones, but it has fantastic features that will make your time spent on it comfortable and enjoyable. We are talking about the Steelcase Amia, Steelcases’ underrated chair that will be a fantastic option for those who need a chair that they need to use for more than 8+ hours, like programmers and college students.

And the best thing about this chair is that it offers so much without the need to drain your wallet for it. Compared to the likes of Herman Miller Aeron and other Steelcase chairs like the Gesture, it has plenty of features that they have, at a lesser price.

Sounds good right? If it does, let’s jump into the review.

Construction and build quality

The first thing we would like to talk about is the construction and build quality of the Amia. It’s a well-known fact that the Steelcase chairs are made will quality and durability in mind. The Amia is no exception there. Even though it isn’t priced as high as the chairs we mentioned above, it can compete with them in this department easily.

An underrated Steelcase chair

The Amia proves to be one of the best office chairs that Steelcase produces, and its exceptional build quality and design make it a great option for anybody that needs a chair for long working hours.

All of the parts that were used to make the Steelcase Amia are high-end and premium. The sturdy and solid feel is there, and that means that when you get the Amia, you get the chair that will potentially last you more than 10-15 years, and it can’t get much better than that. The Amia also has a maximum weight limit of 400 lbs, which means that it is also a good option for heavier and bigger people, and it also speaks about the overall build quality of this office chair.

Adjustability features

The Amia has a lot of adjustability options that will allow you to position and configure most of the chair’s parts for your personal preference and get the most ergonomic and comfortable experience. Like with most office chairs, from the most affordable ones to the high-end ones, you get the standard seat height adjustment that is found on the Steelcase Amia as well. That can be adjusted by the lever that is found underneath the seat on the right side. Works quite easy and smooth, as you would expect from Steelcase.

Now, the next feature is usually not found on budget office chairs like the previous one, rather than the more expensive ones. We are talking about the seat depth adjustment feature. That is also adjusted by the lever, found on the left side this time. This feature allows you to get closer to your monitor and get more immersed in your work.

The great thing about ergonomically designed office chairs is that they are designed to support your lower back and that if you have a back issue, they help tremendously in removing or preventing it. Most of the time that is done with the help of lumbar support. The Steelcase Amia has a LiveLumbar technology implemented in its height-adjustable lumbar support to give the user more support with its shape-changing movements.

Steelcase Amia Back View

Arms used on the Amia are 4D adjustable arms, meaning that you can adjust their height, pivot, depth, and width to get your perfect position. A pretty standard feature, but it works seamlessly.

Other adjustability features include the back tension, the back lock, and the great synchro-tilt mechanism, found on more expensive and advanced chairs like the Amia surely is.

So, with all these adjustment features it will be pretty straightforward to get that perfect position and adjust the support that your back needs. The Steelcase Amia is one of the better chairs that removes back pain and it does that quite quickly.


Now, the vital part that you should look into when choosing your next office chair is how comfortable it is and will it still be comfortable after a long time (will the seat flatten, etc.)? This is one part where Amia excels. It is definitely one of the best chairs for long hours and that is credited to many factors.

First off, the level of adjustability we previously mentioned lets the chair contour to your body shape and provide back support that is essential. Secondly, the seat is quite spacious (great for bigger people), soft and very flexible. It does not have a headrest but for many people that won’t be a huge downside. Overall, the Steelcase Amia is one of the most comfortable office chairs that you can lay your hands on.


The design that the Steelcase Amia has a gorgeous design that makes Amia almost a perfect-looking office chair. The curved back and the thicker seat truly go well together along with the nicely designed armrests. Safe to say, it will fit almost anywhere you place it, no matter if it’s an open office, a home office, or someplace else. It comes in a number of different colorways, with some of them being quite vibrant. We’ve gone with the classic black colorway, with the black fabric and the black frame, as it, in our opinion, looks the most modern and sleek.

Assembly process

The Steelcase Amia assembly process is literally nonexistent, as it comes fully assembled in a large box. That is the case with most high-end office chairs; they either come fully assembled or that need just a little assembly time. For those who were worried that the assembly will be complicated and boring, don’t, as with the Amia you’ll have none of that.


The Steelcase Amia is a chair that has most of the features of the expensive, high-end chair but comes at a lower price. Build quality, comfort, and design of this Steelcase chair are nothing short of amazing and the Amia is a chair that provides great value. Sure, it’s not that cheap, but the durability it has will make it serve you many, many years without a problem, and that is one of the reasons Steelcase is that well-known.

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