The Sidiz brand makes two very popular office chairs, the T50, and the T80. Both are great chairs with a lot of positive sides, but one, the T80 costs almost double the T50. Is it that much better? Does it have a lot of features that the more budget-friendly T50 doesn’t? Is the difference in comfort a huge one?

We intend to find that out and look at the positives and the downsides of both chairs to see which one is a better option. Welcome to our Sidiz T50 vs T80 office chair comparison.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it.


The Sidiz T50 Home Office Desk Chair is one of the better mid-range options on the market, competing with the likes of HON Ignition 2.0 and Steelcase Series 1. Its features like the mesh back and the headrest (sold separately) are designed to give you comfort at a reasonable price and it’s one of the best office chairs for shorter people.

Sidiz T50

One of the better mid-range office chairs that you could get your hands on, the Sidiz T50 has a lot of positive sides to it: nice looks, eco-friendly build, mesh back for more airflow, and on top of that, a great price.

On the other hand, the T80 is a higher-end chair and the absolute best one in Sidiz’s office chair lineup. The design difference and the size difference compared to its “younger brother”, the T50 is immediately noticeable and may be an important factor for some people when choosing between those two.

Sidiz T80

The premier chair in the lineup of this great chair manufacturer, the Sidiz T80 is a couple of levels above the T50 in terms of build quality, looks, and comfort, which is especially important if you plan to seat on it for more then 8 hours.

Construction and build quality

The eco-friendly T50 is made mostly of plastic, but that doesn’t mean that the build quality is bad, not in the slightest. The materials that it is made of and the general build quality give the Sidiz T50 a weight limit of 300 lbs, which is completely fine.

The quality of the mesh is really nice, just like we expected. It will keep you cool throughout the hot, summer days so you can focus on your work. The seat cushion is generally on the thinner side, so that may be a downside for people who usually prefer thick seat cushions. Overall, we would give the T50 4.5/5 stars in this department, as it truly surprised us with its solid and sturdy construction, no matter that it’s made from plastic (a good-quality one, nonetheless). It gives an impression of a more expensive chair, so, thumbs up!

The Sidiz T80 is a different story. It’s a high-end home office chair that should compete with the Herman Miller Aeron or the more expensive models from Steelcase. Right of the bat, you can see a difference in build quality as the T80 is one of the best in this department. Much fewer plastic parts compared to the more affordable T80 make an important difference if you are looking for a chair that will last a long time, as the T80 surely will.

Like the T50, it also has a full mesh back, designed for breathability and supreme airflow. For those looking to spend most of their day on the T80, you will mostly be thankful for its thick seat cushion. It’s not the thickest on the whole market, but you will feel comfortable on it even after 8-9 hours of working or studying, and if you are a college student, this is a great option.

Adjustability options

For sure, the main adjustability option found on the Sidiz T50 is its forward tilt function that works very smoothly by controlling the lever. It’s a nice feature that allows you to move closer to your desk but also relieves pain in some areas of the body when you decide to use it. There are also options for height adjustment and 3D armrests. Not a lot of adjustability options, but those which are here, work seamlessly.

The Sidiz T80, because it is much more expensive than the T50 has an adjustment option that you can’t find on the T50. That difference is the important synchro-tilt option which allows you to recline backward and make yourself more comfortable when watching a movie. It also has the adjustment options that the T50 has.


Both of these office chairs are comfortable, but when considering working long hours, the T80 has an edge. The thicker seat cushion surely makes a huge difference there, and the excellent neck support only adds to that difference. Mesh back on both chairs is comfortable, but the one on T80 is more comfortable as it has better quality and is quite soft to the touch.


The Sidiz T80 is one of the most beautiful office chairs that we have seen and you just can compare it to the T50. Sure, the T50 is a nice-looking chair, but the aesthetic details on the T80 are noticeable and it surely makes a difference. The lack of plastic materials is also one of the bigger stylistic differences, as the Sidiz T80 with its premium build quality, also gives a more “premium” office chair impression. Safe to say that the T80 is a thing of beauty.

Sidiz T50

The T50 has a colorway option with a blue seat that the T80 doesn’t have. But, if you are a fan of Marvel comics, you will be excited to hear that the Sidiz T80 comes in the colorways of two very popular Marvel comic book heroes: Captain America and Iron Man.

Sidiz T80 Office Chair Iron Man Colorway Back View

Sidiz T80 Iron Man Colorway

Assembly process

Both the T50 and T80 have an easy assembly process, but here also the T80 has an edge because its assembly process is one of the simplest out there. That being said, you won’t waste a lot of time assembling any of these chairs.


The Sidiz T50 and T80 aren’t the chairs that fall in the same category. One is a mid-range office chair and the other one competes with the more premium chairs. The differences in both comfort, looks, and build quality are without a doubt noticeable, but all of that doesn’t mean that the T50 is a bad chair. They just aren’t in the same category, and the huge difference in the price proves just that.

If you are on a smaller budget, the T50 will definitely meet all your demands, and if you have a bigger budget, you can’t go wrong with the Sidiz T80.