Executive desks are high-end desks that tell anyone that enters the office that the person behind the desk is sophisticated, significant, elegant, powerful, and confident. If you are that person or are working towards becoming one and you are looking for a cool, elegant, and modern executive desk for your home office, you’ve come to the right place.

There are countless desks on the market, so it can be very easy to get caught up and disorientated in the process of choosing your new executive desk. Because of that, we’ve tested a lot of them and have made a list of the top 10 best executive desks to make your tough decision much easier.

We have considered the build quality, material quality, style, and price, along with a ton of other minor details.

Let’s jump into the review.

Executive Desk In Office

What is an Executive Desk?

An executive desk is a large and high-end desk usually seen in board rooms, conference rooms, or anywhere else that requires a certain level of sophistication and prestige. These desks are usually built from the finest materials, finished with hand-applied finishes, and made to last for years.

10 Best Executive Desks for 2023

Hooker Furniture
Latitude Executive Desk

Martin Furniture
Hartford Double Pedestal

Zuri Ford Executive
Modern Desk

Hooker Furniture Latitude Executive Desk – Editor’s Choice

Hooker Furniture Latitude Executive Desk - Best Executive Desk

You might ask yourself: who makes the best executive desks? A brand called Hooker Furniture should certainly come to mind. This desk from Hooker Furniture, a brand known for its build quality, is a high-end executive desk that has a classic design and a walnut finish.

Hooker Furniture has a complicated and detailed finishing process that comprises many steps and that process makes their desks so beautiful, including this one, the Latitude, which is no exception. It makes the desk have a rich, dark wood color and also adds to the durability.

To the touch, this desk has a very nice “feel” because the folks over at Hooker Furniture have a couple of hand-craftsmanship processes that make the Latitude smooth to the touch.

The Hooker Latitude is a very heavy desk, weighing in at 268 lbs (around 121 kg), which makes it fall into the “big boy” category. Along with other things that we will soon get to, what makes the Latitude a serious, high-end home office desk.

The desk frame is made from solid wood, as you would expect from a high-quality executive desk like this one. It also uses walnut veneers for decoration and a longer-lasting desk. They help make the desk sturdier and more durable, as they are resistant to warping pretty much. They also allow for easier maintenance than the solid wood, as you will only need to dust the desk with a cloth from time to time and it will maintain a good look.

There are 7 drawers on the Latitude, and all of them are strong and work smoothly. There are three on each side and one on the center that has a drop-front for keyboard placement.

Overall, the Latitude Executive Desk from Hooker Furniture is fantastic and takes our number 1 position on this list, rightfully so. The build quality and the great looks set it apart. The only downside is the high price, but for a desk of this quality, you can’t expect anything less.

Features and specifications:

  • Dark wood finish
  • Walnut veneers
  • 7 drawers
  • Traditional style
  • Width: 66″ Width: 32″ Height: 31″

Martin Furniture Hartford Double Pedestal

Martin Furniture Hartford Double Pedestal

The next “big boy” desk on this list is this gorgeous piece of furniture from Martin Furniture, the Double Pedestal Executive Desk. When you look at this vintage-style, elegant office desk you will instantly feel calmer and more relaxed. It is just an amazing desk to look at, and if you would see it in person, you would trust us even more.

It comes in two colors: brown and white with two-toned, espresso/oak, and weathered/vintage finish, respectively. Both of them look great, but the brown one is our favorite and will certainly make any home office look much, much better.

The desk is generally very well made and it does give a nice solid, sturdy feel. It is also very heavy, weighing in at 289lbs. We were very pleased with the material quality. This is a quality desk but it isn’t priced as high as some other desks that fall into this category. We expected a great build quality and we weren’t disappointed.

The center of the desk is reserved for the drop-front drawer, as you would expect. On the sides are four utility drawers and 2 locking letter file drawers. Don’t expect them to move around or wobble, because these work perfectly smooth. They also give you plenty of storage space for your documents and things.

To wrap this review up, we can just say that we expected a great quality desk when we tested it and we got just that. It is definitely worth the price tag and we recommend this desk to anyone that wants to upgrade their office with a vintage-style, beautiful desk.

Features and specifications:

  • Black paint
  • Fully assembled
  • Total of 7 drawers
  • Width: 69.5″ Width: 30″ Height: 31″

Ford Executive Modern Desk with Filing Cabinets – Best Modern Executive Desk

Ford Executive Modern Desk

If we were on the lookout for a new modern style executive desk, we wouldn’t look any further than this one from Zuri Furniture. There are plenty of great things about this desk and not a lot of bad ones.

First of all, this is a huge desk, measuring 79 x 30 x 32 inches, which makes it one of the largest on this list. That makes it a great desk for dual monitors, or even triple monitors. It is also one of the heaviest, weighing 336 pounds, which is just around 152 kgs. Even if it’s that heavy and large it’s surprisingly easy to assemble, which is a huge plus.

This elegant executive office desk features four locking drawers that offer plenty of space and two for legal or letter filing. The locks look and operate top-notch. The feet are made from silver painted wood and on the bottom of them, we can find risers.

All parts of this desk are well made and we expected nothing less. Just looking at it, it gives the impression of a very well-made desk. And a beautiful one too.

The white colorway goes hand in hand with the design exceptionally well and the silver-painted wooden feet just add to the coolness of this desk. It has a white sleek matte finish and that combined with the sharp design that this desk has, makes it easy to see why have we made it our preferred choice for a modern desk.

The Ford Executive Modern Desk will make you look and feel like the CEO of some big company and we are not exaggerating. If you happen to have a big home office and require the perfect modern executive desk, then this is the one. It’s just a gorgeous, well-made desk that is worth every penny.

Features and specifications:

  • Black American Oak Wood Veneer
  • 336 lbs
  • 1.5″ desktop thickness
  • Width: 79″ Depth: 30″ Height: 32″

Safco Products Medina Modern Office Executive Desk

Safco Products Medina Modern Desk

If you are, however, looking for a more affordable desk then the Medina Executive Desk from Safco Products would be our recommendation. It is a little bit smaller than the previous one on this list, but at 72in it’s still a huge desk, giving you plenty of space for your setup.

It has a clean, minimalist design and comes in two styles, one with straight edges and one with curved edges. Both of them look amazing, but our preference is the one with the straight edges, as we think it looks a bit more serious and elegant.

There are also a couple of different colorways, including the Gray Steel, Mahogany, Mocha, and Textured Brown Sugar.

This desk is the lightest on this list, weighing just 132lbs, but that doesn’t mean it lacks stability. The Medina has a pretty good build quality, something we didn’t expect from a desk at this price.

On the bottom, we find the desk rests that will level the desk and not damage the floor in doing so. On the top is of course the desktop, which is 1 inch thick and made from laminate.

The only downside to this desk is that it doesn’t have drawers like most other executive desks. If you don’t mind that, then this desk from Medina is for you.

The affordable price, the elegant and modern design truly makes it a great option for those who need a new modern desk for home office but are on a budget.

Features and specifications:

  • Comes with straight or curved edges
  • Different colorways
  • 132 lbs
  • Width: 72″ Depth: 36″ Height: 29 1/2″

Hekman Furniture Executive Desk

Hekman Furniture Executive Desk

This good-looking desk from Hekman Furniture, a company that is a century old, has a traditional style with an exceptional level of detail seen at hand-carved features. It has a dark tone to it and when you sit behind it, it makes you feel more sophisticated and confident.

It is almost 400 pounds heavy, 395 to be exact and that is more than enough to make a statement. That weight, along with the exceptional quality of construction, makes the desk feel sturdy and solid, as you would expect. The dimensions of the desk are 71 x 36 x 30, which should give you plenty of space for all of your work-related stuff. The height of the desk when assembled is 30in, which is optimal.

The Hekman Furniture Executive Desk has two file drawers and four box drawers that have locking operations. Of course, in the middle is the drop-front drawer that has a keyboard pull-out. The coolest thing about this desk is that it has a secret compartment, something we haven’t seen on other desks.

Another great feature that this desk has is the wire management system which makes hiding the wires easy. There are plenty of features that this desk has, but, those two are our favorite.

The quality parts, solid wood, exquisite craftsmanship make the price of this desk justified and well worth it.

Features and specifications:

  • Walnut color
  • Rectangular shape
  • 395 lbs
  • Flat cut and burl walnut veneers
  • Width: 72″ Depth: 36″ Height: 30″

Hooker Furniture Rhapsody – Best Leather Top Desk

Hooker Furniture Rhapsody

Another stylish desk from Hooker Furniture finds itself on this list, and boy is it a gorgeous one. It’s inspired by French antique furniture, which can be seen from a mile away. It looks like a desk that Napoleon would gladly use, it’s that good-looking and it gives you some sort of a “grand” feeling because the desk is big and spacious.

The desk is made from two different wood types: solid wood and manufactured wood. Veneers used on this desk are from hickory, pecan, black walnut, maple, and ash trees, and all of them combine for high-quality construction. On the top of the desk, we find the writing surface made from leather, and next to it on the sides are nice-looking wooden patterns that give this desk more style. This exceptional executive desk has a rustic finish which we think goes very well with its design.

Let’s move on to the drawers. They include the one in the center that has a drop-front for keyboard use, two on the sides that have two removable dividers, and three slots. Other ones are two utility drawers that have a Pendaflex letter/legal filing system and two locking file drawers. One thing we didn’t mention is that the Rhapsody has a finished back.

Although this desk has an antique style, don’t expect it doesn’t have some features that are needed in these modern times. These include a cable management system, a power bar with two electrical outlets, data ports, and a phone jack. Much needed and cool features.

It certainly is one of the most expensive desks on this list, but it’s one of the best made and one that is made from the most diverse woods. The Rhapsody is designed for serious professionals and is a piece of furniture that will successfully take the center stage of any antique-styled office.

If you are interested in another antique-styled desk from Hooker Furniture, the European Renaissance II, check out our review here.

Features and specifications:

  • Chevron veneer pattern
  • Rectangular shape
  • 7 drawers
  • Medium wood finish
  • Width: 74″ Depth: 40″ Height: 31″

Tribesigns L-Shaped Executive Office Desk

The first l-shaped desk on this list comes from a brand called Tribesigns. This desk comes with plenty of amazing features like its own storage shelves! Its design is unique in comparison to all the other desks on this list. That is because of its minimalist style, front panel, leg design, and storage shelf on the side.

Those storage shelves give you plenty of space for your work stuff, like books, documents, notes, and other goods. They come in 2-tiers and some of them have doors, which is convenient. On the backside of the storage space is the cable management slot that allows you to keep your setup clean. There is also a secret storage space, which is a nice touch.

The desktop is 1.18″ thick, which is good enough. It’s made from an E1 particle board, which is not as good as solid wood but it’s okay enough. The top has a glossy finish, which we are not huge fans of but some people like that very much. The good thing is that it is dust and water-resistant.

The overall quality of the construction and the desk itself is very good for this price. It’s stable and sturdy, just like we expected. The design of the two legs on the left side gives you plenty of space, something we are huge fans of.

This l-shaped desk is recommended to anyone that needs a nice-looking, dark walnut corner desk that gives plenty of storage space but doesn’t break the bank.

Features and specifications:

  • L-shaped desk
  • Dark walnut
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • 114.14 lbs
  • Width: 55″ Depth: 55″ Height: 30″

Home Styles Tahoe Aged Maple Pedestal Desk

For those who are looking for an executive pedestal desk that has an age-worn look, look no further than this one. It is a beautiful desk that has a classic design made from maple veneers, engineered woods, and poplar.

The dimensions of this desk are 54″ x 23.75″ x 30″, big enough but can still be fitted anywhere in the room. It has a standard center drop-front keyboard tray and 4 drawers. We feel that the keyboard tray takes up space much more than it needs to, and it could be designed a bit better. The faux drawer fronts can fit legal or letter size files.

The drawers pulls are really nice looking and are square-shaped. They have a bronze finish that fits with the age-worn style of the whole desk quite nicely. This desk from Home Styles also features a cable management slot on the back that can be closed when it’s not in use.

The assembly process is simple when you follow the guidelines and the nice thing is that you get extra parts if you miss something. Can take from two to four hours depending on your skill set and if you have some helping hand in the process.

Final words about the Tahoe Aged Maple Executive Pedestal Desk by Home Styles; it’s definitely a nice-looking desk that has its bad sides but it also has plenty of good ones. For those who want a new, age-worn desk this is the one you should go for.

Features and specifications:

  • Keyboard trey
  • Burnished edges
  • 2 accessory drawers
  • 106 lbs
  • Width: 54″ Depth: 23.75″ Height: 30″

Hooker Furniture Telluride

The next entry on this list is an enormous piece of furniture coming from Hooker Furniture. Measuring 76″ x 36″ x 30.5″, it is one of the biggest desks and weighing in at 384 lbs, certainly one of the heaviest. The Telluride desk, with its black paint finish and immense size, gives a refined, yet masculine impression to anyone who looks at it. The one sitting behind it will, however, be more confident and muscular.

This quite expensive desk has a leather top that gives this desk a traditional look and goes pretty well with the overall desk style. The Telluride is made from cherry veneers that give this desk its reddish-brown color. Cherry is a hardwood that is quite strong so you shouldn’t have to worry about its durability.

There are seven drawers found on this desk. Like with most executive desks, there is a central drawer that has a drop front for the keyboard and the six others are found on the sides, with three on each side. They operate quite smoothly and that is because the drawers are on steel bearing slides. The Telluride Desk also features a pencil tray that can be used on each side.

On the backside, we find two decorated panels that greet the visitor. These fit with the traditional design on this desk nicely and naturally.

This desk is recommended to anyone who needs a dark-colored, formal executive desk for their new home office. The price is on the higher side, but you should consider this as an investment, as this desk is worth every penny and will last a long, long time.

Features and specifications:

  • Black finish
  • Rectangular shape
  • Leather top
  • 384 lbs
  • Width:76″ Depth: 36″ Height: 30″

BELLEZE Rhudi 62″ Executive Desk

To finish this list we have the BELLEZE Rhudi, a great-looking, affordable desk for your office. Since it’s much cheaper than the other desks on this list, don’t expect a solid wood construction. But, this desk is quite nicely constructed and gives a solid, sturdy impression.

The weight of this desk is just above 100 pounds and the main reason for this is that the desk is made from engineered wood rather than solid wood, as we mentioned previously. But, it’s a high-grade wood and it works just fine. It features two storage drawers, two file drawers, and a slide-out keyboard drawer in the center. That makes it five drawers, unlike most of them that feature seven. But, for many people that is more than enough space for various desk goods.

Overall, the build quality is more than okay, maybe even better than we expected. We just expected a little bit better finish, but hey, it is what it is. There is also a cable management opening on the center of the tabletop, a nice, much-needed feature.

The design of the desk is quite pleasing. It has elegant lines that can go quite well with the interior of any room. The handle design is very nice and fits well with the rest of the desk. It comes in 4 different colorways, but we feel the Rustic Oak is the best looking of them all.

This is a nicely made, good-looking desk for those with a smaller budget who want to upgrade their home office. With its different colorways, nice features and great price, it’s highly recommended.

Features and specifications:

  • Grey wash color
  • Rectangular shape
  • Wooden top
  • 101.4 lbs
  • Width:62″ Depth: 23.5″ Height: 31″

How to Choose an Executive Desk

Desk Size

The most important factor you should look at when looking for a new desk is its size. If you make a mistake and purchase an enormous desk that won’t fit in your room, you will lose a lot of nerves and time.

To avoid that happening, measure the space you have available in the room that you planned for your new desk. Check the entire dimensions of the executive desk you would like to buy and see if it fits in your desired space.

Don’t make the mistake of only checking the length of the desk, check the width and height as well. The desk should be wide enough to comfortably fit all your monitors and other computer stuff, like a keyboard and a mouse. The desk height is also very important because if you have a high chair and your desk is too low, you will constantly hit the desk with your chair.

So, the big takeaway here is to calculate everything so you don’t lose your nerves when you assemble the desk and see that something doesn’t fit. Everything should fit comfortably and nicely so you can enjoy your time spent on your new executive desk.


Another hugely important factor to consider when buying a new executive desk is certainly the quality of its materials. The more quality materials that the desk has, the more it will last, making you more satisfied.

That also means, usually, the more expensive the executive desk is, the more quality wood and materials are used to produce it. Desks made from solid wood like maple, oak, cherry, etc are high-quality desks that will last a long time and are usually the best-looking. But, you guessed it, these cost a lot and are quite heavy. So, when looking to get a new, elegant executive desk made from solid wood prepare to spend a bit more but, since it will last a long time, you should look at it as an investment.

The alternative to solid wood is laminate and composites, a mix of some components. Desks made from these composites or laminate are quite cheaper than the ones made from solid wood and they offer versatility and practicality. However, they don’t offer the same quality and look like the solid wood ones, but, they still look pretty good.


The next factor you should consider is a personal preference, and that is the design of the desk. But, we would still like to give a few pointers.

The office’s or room’s style should heavily impact the way you choose a new desk. If your home office has an industrial style, something like a minimalistic modern desk should fit that room quite nicely. If you, on the other hand, have a room that has a vintage tone to it, you should consider choosing a more traditional styled desk, rather than the modern one, as we think it would fit the room much better. As we said before, this is still a personal preference and this decision is all on you.

Modern And Traditional Style Executive Desks

Storage Space

For people that require a lot of storage space, this is a hugely important factor. Not all executive desks feature the same amount of storage compartments and that is something that should be closely looked at. If you don’t have a lot of shelves in your home office, choosing an executive desk with plenty of storage space can be a great idea.

If you, however, don’t need a lot of storage compartments but purchase a desk that has plenty of them, you are potentially losing a lot of space. So, think about how much storage space you need and see if your desired executive desk has it.


Something that we always suggest is that you should limit yourself to a budget before you look for a new executive desk. This is a great way to not spend a lot of money on an executive desk that you maybe wished to spend on something else. If finances are not a problem for you, then we suggest going for a quality, solid wood desk that will look good and last a long time.


Hooker Furniture Latitude

If you are making a decision on which executive desk to get, the Hooker Furniture Latitude is our number one recommendation.

The Latitude is a high-quality, nice-looking desk that will make your time sitting behind this desk quite enjoyable.