iMac is probably the most famous and most used all-in-one desktop computer in the world, and rightfully so. It’s a high-performance computer that has great, sleek looks.

So, you will need an equally good-looking desk to match it up with the iMac. Don’t worry about that because we’ve got you covered.

In this list, you will see the classic, standing (adjustable desks), big and small desks, all put on this list for a reason. They fit with the iMac perfectly.

Let’s get into it.

iMac On A Desk

Best Desks For iMac for 2022

BON AUGURE Industrial
Home Office Desk

Vari Electric
Standing Desk

SHW Height Adjustable
Computer Desk

BON AUGURE Industrial Home Office Desk

BON AUGURE Industrial Home Office Computer Desk

We begin this list with an industrial-looking desk from BON AUGURE. This desk is pretty big, measuring in at 60″ x 23″ x 30″. That is more than enough space to fit your iMac, speakers, desk lamp, and accessories. It can easily fit two monitors on it, as well.

The oak finish that the tabletop has fits nicely with the silver iMac. That tabletop is very solid and will not wobble or move and can withstand a solid amount of weight.

The heavy-duty legs and the mesh support are credited for that along with the thick tabletop.

On the back of the table is a small silver cable hole that is used for organizing your cables. That is an in-handy feature and keeps everything neat and organized. The only downside to that is that it is very sharp so look out for that.

Moving on to the assembly process. For a desk this size and weight it is surprisingly simple to assemble. It took us just over an hour but it could be done in less if you are focused (we were not!).

It is just a nice, modern-looking, sturdy desk that fits stylistically very well with the iMac. This desk will last you many, many years, and you just can’t go wrong with it.

Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The absolute 60 x 30 monster of a standing desk, the Vari Electric Standing Desk is the sturdiest and most well-made desk on this list.

It comes in the 48 x 30 in option, but we have opted for the bigger one because it offers much more space for accessories, books, and other stuff. You can also easily put two monitors on this desk.

The dual motors work quietly and allow this desk to move up to 50″. You also have 4 height settings for easier adjustment. The desktop can hold up to 200lbs which equals about 100 kilograms!

Vari Electric Standing desk comes in 5 color options which include the standard Black and White, Butcher Block, Dark Wood, and Reclaimed Wood. Anyone of these great colorways will look great with your iMac.

Assembly process was the easiest thing in the world. For a desk this size it is unbelievable. It takes literally 10mins or even less to assemble this desk.

All of these great features, build quality, and looks come at a high price, and make this desk the most expensive on this list. But, by the look and feel of it, we think it will easily last and serve you many years.

SHW Height Adjustable Computer Desk

SHW Height Adjustable Desk For iMac

Height adjustable, standing desks are getting more and more popular each day. But, the best ones can get quite expensive, going all the way up to 600$.

If you are a fan of the standing desk and are on a budget, this is where this desk from SHW comes into play. For this price you just can’t beat this desk and let us explain to you why.

It comes into two different sizes, 40 inch and 48 inch, but we have opted for the 48 inch one, just because it gives you a little more space for accessories. Also, it comes in 4 different colorways, including Black, Light Cherry, Oak, and Walnut, so you have plenty of options to pick the one that will suit you the best. We chose the Light Cherry one, as we think it fits best with the iMac because of its light color.

The only thing that bothered us is that the top is made from two parts, leaving a very small gap in the middle. It may not be bothering other people, but it did bother us.

This desk can lift itself to 46 inches in height, courtesy of the Electric Lift System. It has 4 preset options so you can easily set the height to your wishes. This system is very simple and works smoothly.

The legs are made from industrial steel and hold up quite nicely. Truly an amazing, sturdy standing desk for a great price.

Yaheetech Modern Computer Desk

Yaheetech Modern Computer Desk

Another budget entry on this list is this minimalist-looking, spacious desk from Yaheetech. The Beige color of this desk will fit perfectly with the iMac.

The frame holds up quite nicely for a desk that has this price. It is made from premium metal and has a sturdy feel. On the bottom of the four legs are protective footpads that prevent the desk from damaging the wooden floor. This is a very nice touch.

The desktop is made from MDF (short for Medium-density Fibreboard), a cheaper desktop that is stronger than let’s say, plywood, and is much cheaper than other materials. But, it still has durability so you don’t have to worry that it will fail you. This desktop has enough space for an iMac and any of your accessories, coming in at 47.2 x 23.6 inches.

The quality of this desk actually surprised us and that is why we have put it on this list. It is sturdy and very well made for a desk of this price.

The assembly is easy and should take you anywhere from 20-40mins to complete. But, you need a screwdriver, because it is not included in the box.

For this price, this is the best office desk you can find for your iMac. Obviously, it can’t compare to the much more expensive desks that have better quality wood and metal, but it still does a great job in being a simple, nice-looking, study desk for your new iMac.

IRONCK Computer Desk 47″

IRONCK Computer Desk

The last entry on this list is the affordable 47″ computer desk from IRONCK. This industrial-style, dark wood desk will match with the silver iMac seamlessly. It has a simple design and if you are a minimalist you will enjoy it.

The metal frame and the triangular junction that this desk has certainly ensure its stability and sturdiness. The footpads on the bottom are adjustable, which is a nice feature.

Assembly took us about 8-10mins, it is that simple. However, the main criticism we have for this desk is the plywood desktop. It is not bad and looks nice but it could’ve been better, something like an MDF desktop.

For this price, it is a very good table. The minimalist, simple design is what drove us to test it, and see how it fits with the iMac. We were really surprised with its sturdiness and for anyone that is looking for a budget desk for iMac, we highly recommend this one from IRONCK.

Best Computer Desk For 27 inch iMac

The 27 inch iMac is one of the best designed, modern, minimalist all-in-one personal computers around and it requires a modern, nice looking desk. There are countless options that will look great with the 27 inch iMac, but we have opted for the one from Jarvis, specifically their 48 x 30″ Electric Standing Desk. In our opinion it will fit perfectly with the new, colorful iMacs, and will make your workspace much more pleasant.

Let’s check out why it is the best desk for a 27 inch iMac and one of the best standing desks in general.

Fully Jarvis Electric Standing Desk 48″

Fully Jarvis Electric Standing Desk 48 inch

We are huge fans of the Fully Jarvis Adjustable Standing Desk and let us tell you why. Let’s start with the design.

It is one of the nicest-looking desks we have tested and the bamboo top just blends perfectly with the silver iMac. It is the top we highly recommend.

The steel feet and frame are colored in black and they look great but more importantly, they give the desk its stability. That is one of the best things about this desk, that it will be stable at almost any height you set it on. It only has a small stability issue, so to say, when you put it on its maximum height.

The height adjustment on the Jarvis is controlled by dual motors that operate smoothly and fairly quietly. Another great thing is that The Jarvis standing desk can hold up to 350 lbs.

There are two wire-management grommets on the top for taking care of cables easily.

It is one of the more expensive desks on this list, but it is the one that we think will blend perfectly with the 27 inch iMac and it is a quality standing desk that doesn’t have many flaws.

How to Choose a Desk for iMac

We will go through just a couple of things we think you should consider when thinking about buying a new iMac desk. Some of these factors may be important to you, some maybe not.

Classic or Standing Desk?

You should think about do you like working sitting or prefer to stand? Standing or height adjustable desks are getting more and more popular and are a choice of many designers, content creators, and students.

This way you don’t have to sit all day or take a couple of minutes to stretch, you can work standing which is much better for your back. However, these types of desks can get quite expensive but are a great investment.

Regular desks come at a much lesser price, but as we mentioned, there are much bigger chances of you getting some sort of back pain if working long hours. Just remember to stretch from time to time!

Build Quality

This is an important factor you should always consider. Pricer desks may drain your wallet but look at it as an investment, as those desks are much more likely to serve you many, many years.

Cheaper desks also are getting much sturdier and better build but there is a saying that will always be true – “You get what you pay for”.


iMacs have a very minimalist and simple design and you should get a desk that will fit nicely with it. We prefer to put it on a lighter-colored desk but that is just our choice.

This factor will always be a personal preference, and for that, we have put on this list the lighter and darker desks, so there will be something for everyone.


As always, we hope to have helped you even a little bit in your decision in purchasing a new desk for your iMac. With any of these desks, you will be able to create a beautiful and minimalist iMac setup that will inspire and motivate you to work even harder and enjoy your work much more.


BON AUGURE Industrial Home Office Desk

This desk, with its industrial style and design, will fit amazingly with your iMac, and that is just one of the reasons that we highly recommend it.

Others include build quality, durability, and ease of assembly. Oh, you also get a ton of space for your desk accessories.