Top 10 Best Computer Desks For Dual Monitors

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Having a big screen is vital for web developers, designers, musicians, video editors, gamers. That is why more and more people are switching to two monitors instead of using just one. That way you are getting more screen space that is super important for work and gaming but those dual monitors setups are using a lot of desk space.

So, a bigger desk, big enough to comfortably fit your two monitors and desk accessories is needed. There are many options on the market and choosing a right one can be a tough task. Luckily, we have made a list of the top 10 best desks for dual monitors to make that task easier.

Let’s check them out.

Desk with two monitors on it

11 Best Desks For Dual Monitors

1. FAMISKY Dual Motor Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk

FAMISKY Dual Motor Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk

This desk from Famisky features has a very cool feature and that is adjustable height so you can work while standing or seating. That height adjustment is powered by dual motors and they make the move up and down very smooth and quiet. There are three buttons on the side by which you control your preferred desk height.

The tablespace is 55 x 24 inches, giving you enough space to put two or more monitors on it and still have a lot of space for various desk accessories.


  • Great price
  • Adjustable height
  • Good build quality


  • Heavier then other desks on this list
  •  A bit complicated to assemble

2. ApexDesk Elite Series

ApexDesk Elite Series - best desk for dual monitors

This desk comes from ApexDesk and is from their high-end , Elite Series desks. It is absolutely the biggest desk on this list, measuring in at 71 x 33 in. In has a contoured shape in the middle, making it easier for you to be closer to the monitors. The height is adjustable, so you get the height up and work standing. That is powered by dual motor lift system which works fast and quiet. The desks’ top is made from wood and the legs are made from thick metal.

In our opinion this is the best desk for dual monitors as it has all the goods a desk needs to have: good design, plenty of workspace, quality construction and adjustable height.


  • Huge amounts of workspace
  • Adjustable desk height
  • Modern design
  • Matte finish


  • Priced higher then other desks

3. CubiCubi Computer Desk 63in

CubiCubi Computer Desk 63in

This CubiCubi Desk has a modern design and a sturdy construction. The desk panel is made from engineered wood and has a contrast colorway with a dark brown/black look. There are a couple of other colorway option as well. The table legs are made from 1.6″ thick steel that is strong and durable. On the sides you have a hook so you can store your headphones there, which is very convenient.

There is plenty of space for monitors and other computer accessories you put on your table. This is a great desk, which has some cool features and the price that is more then reasonable, making it a perfect desk for your new home office.


  • Clean design
  • Metal frame
  • Iron hook
  • Multiple colorways


  • None

4. Mr IRONSTONE Large Gaming Desk

Mr IRONSTONE Large Gaming Desk

The next dual monitor desk on this list comes from Mr IRONSTONE and is a desk designed for gamers and their needs but can be used as a regular workstation desk. Since it is designed for gaming, it has a big surface (63″ W x 32″ D), big enough to fit that gaming gear on the desk. That big surface, made from engineered wood, can easily fit two monitors on it.

The desk is constructed from three pieces and has three holes for better and cleaner cable management. The legs are made from metal and can withstand the large weight.

On the sides, we find two in-handy features: a cup holder and a headphone hook.


  • Big desk space
  • Solid construction
  • In-handy features
  • Cable management solutions


  • None

5. Need Computer Desk

Need Computer Desk

This desk from Need is big – 63 x 24in. With that amount of desk space, you can fit multiple monitors, speakers, printers, and many other products on it. The height of the desk is 29.5 inches which is an optimal height. The desk features a classic, minimalist black design that can fit in any interior perfectly.

Build quality is amazing; it is sturdy and very stable courtesy of a triangular junction. The frame is made from thick metal that is scratch resistant which is a great feature.

Price is amazing for the quality desk that you get, making it, in our opinion, one of the best budget desks for dual monitors.


  • Minimalist design
  • Thick metal and wood construction
  • Easily assembled
  • Great value


  • Top texture is gritty

6. Oneinmil Desk

Oneinmil Computer Desk

This is a desk that has an industrial design that will blend in any home workspace setup. The top of the desk is made from engineered wood that is 0.71 in thick and has a high gloss finish. The dimensions of the desk are 63 x 23.5 in which gives you more then enough space to put your big monitors on it. Construction is made from steel and is stable, sturdy and also features adjustable legs.

We love this desk because it has great design and gives plenty of workspace for a smaller price and is most definitely worth it, so if you are looking for a cheaper desk that will fit your dual monitors and have a quality construction, look no further then this one.


  • Good desk dimensions
  • Looks great
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Water resistant


  • The top finish could look a little bit better

7. Bush Business Furniture Series A 72W

Bush Business Furniture Series A 72W

The desk that has the most business look to it on this list is this one, Bush Business Furniture Series A 72W. It’s not about the looks only, it’s the space you get with this desk. 72W in x 29H in should be more then enough to comfortably put two monitors on it. The Bush Business Furniture Series A 72W has a classy look and glossy finish that is scratch resistant.

One more great thing about this desk is that is has a wire management system so you can easily and neatly organize your computer, lap top and lamp cables.



  • Plenty of space
  • Glossy finish
  • Quality construction
  • 200lb weight limit


  • Heavier then other desks on this list
  • A bit complicated to assemble

8. UPLIFT Desk – V2 Walnut GREENGUARD Laminate Desktop Standing Desk

UPLIFT Desk - V2 Walnut GREENGUARD Laminate Desktop Standing Desk

The UPLIFT Desk – V2 is a quality, height adjustable standing desk. It works on dual motors, which work very quiet, fast and smooth. The top is made from quality walnut that is 1in thick and features two covers for cable management on it, one on the left and one on the right. On the bottom of it is a Digital Memory Keypad with which you adjust the height of the desk, whether you like to work standing or sitting.

The desk top is 72in W, but if that is not enough for you, there is also a 80in version. Overall, it is a big, quality, height adjustable desk that is priced a little bit on the higher end but it is worth it.


  • Height adjustment works smoothly
  • Quality wood used for desk top
  • Wire management covers
  • Digital Memory Keypad


  • Higher price

9. Coleshome Computer Desk 63 inch

Coleshome Computer Desk 63 inch

The Coleshome desk is a sturdy desk with a lower price. The desk panel is made from engineered wood and it is 63in in width. The panel is waterproof and scratch resistant, which is an amazing feature. Unfortunately there is not a 71in desk option but 63in is enough space to place two monitors on it.

The legs are made from steel that is 1.6″ thick and they make the desk surprisingly stable and sturdy. This is a good computer desk for dual monitors, it hasn’t got the best quality of wood but that is what you can expect with this reasonable price.


  • Enough space for two or more monitors
  • Thick steel legs
  • Water and scratch resistant
  • Durable


  • Lower quality wood

Best Gaming Computer Desk For Multiple Monitors

10. Seven Warrior Gaming Desk

Seven Warrior Gaming Desk - best gaming desk for dual monitors

The Seven Warrior Gaming desk is a 60in desk designed specifically for gamers and their demands. On the 60in desk panel space you can neatly put multiple monitors and the desk has a 330lbs weight capacity which is amazing. The table panel also has a full cover, waterproof mouse pad so if you happen to spill your coffee or water on it, don’t worry.

The sides of this gaming desk feature a cup holder and a two hooks for your gaming headphones. The desk features a T-Frame Design which gives the desk it’s stability. This gaming desk for dual monitors from Seven Warrior has all the features a gamer would need on his desk and all that for a very reasonable price.


  • Amazing design
  • Build quality
  • Assembly is easy
  • 4 USB Charging ports


  • None

Best L-Shaped Dual Monitor Desk

11. Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk For Dual Monitors

A second entry for Mr IRONSTONE on this list, but this time is their amazing L-shaped desk. This one has a vintage look to it that we adore. It is constructed from a P2 Mdf Board, which will serve you a long time. The frame of this desk is made from a high quality steel which gives this desk stability.

The height of the desk is a standard 29.5″ and the boards are 50.8″ and 50.8″, evenly sized board tops. What we especially liked is that this desk from Mr IRONSTONE gives you a large amount of leg space. Another thing that we have to talk about is the price. It is a phenomenal price for a desk of this kind and that makes it a great option if you are on a lookout for a corner desk for your home office.


  • Price
  • Vintage looks
  • Plenty of leg space
  • Easy assembly


  • None

How To Choose A Desk For Two Monitors


The very first thing you should do when considering which desk to purchase for your two monitors is to see how much space you have in your room. You don’t want to buy a new, large desk (all desks for multiple monitors are quite large) and don’t have enough space to put it in. So, the very first step is to measure your available space where you want to put your new desk and see if it will fit.


You might ask yourself: What size a desk has to be to comfortably fit dual monitors? Well, since many monitors today are at least 22in in diameter you should go for at least a 60-63″ desk but our preferred size is 72″ since we have a lot more space for computer accessories, but be aware that desks with that size will set you back more.


There are many styles of big desks for two monitors on the market right now. There is a modern styled desk, industrial looking desk, desks styled for gamers.. You should see how a desk would stylistically fit in your room and not stand out much. If you have a gaming room we would suggest to go for a gaming styled desk but if you have a modern looking room you should go for a cleaner, wooden desk as it would fit much better, and the same is when you are looking for a desk for your new home office.

But, at the end, it’s all a matter of personal preference and style.

Different styles of desks for two monitors


Some desks can be so hard to assemble. You will need many tools and waste countless hours on assembling your desk. Why would you need that complication? Always go for a desk that is easy to assemble, doesn’t require the usage of many tools and when assembling it you wouldn’t waste too much time.

Standing or sitting desk?

On the market, you will find two types of desks: standing and sitting. The sitting desks have been here since the dawn of time and these types of desks have a height of usually 29in. The standing ones, however, have emerged in the last couple of years and are becoming more and more popular. Standing desks usually have dual motors that power their adjustable height system. They also have a keypad where you adjust the height of it, so they can be a sitting desk and a standing desk which is a fantastic feature. But these types of desks can get quite expensive because of that feature.


You can’t get wrong with any of the desks for two monitors you choose from these list. Every one of them has their own specific pros, and cons for that matter, but they are not big. So, the choice will always be a personal preference and we would be glad if we helped you even a little bit in choosing a right dual monitor desk for you.


FAMISKY Dual Motor Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk

This great standing desk from FAMISKY is an excellent option if you are looking to get a brand new desk for your dual monitor setup and develop healthy habits.

It’s sleek design combined with it’s space make it a perfect dual monitor desk.