NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair Review – A comfortable and affordable mesh office chair

NOUHAUS is a brand coming from the United States that isn’t actually known as much as Herman Miller or Steelcase, but they certainly know how to make a good and affordable office chair. Their Ergo3D ergonomic office chair is one of their, if not their most well-known chair.

It’s an affordable chair with a ton of ergonomic features that aim to make your time on it pleasant, and for those who often experience back pain, help in removing it. Certainly, not the most aesthetically pleasing chair in the world, Ergo3D has other things by which it can praise itself.

Let’s jump into NOUHAUS Ergo3D review.

Short Overview

NOUHAUS aims with the Ergo3D to bring you as much as ergonomic features as possible to make you “forget that you are working”. While we think that is highly impossible, even with much more expensive office chairs, that doesn’t mean that NOUHAUS has done a bad job with the Ergo3D. The Ergo3D has a characteristic design with the seat and two-part backrest made from mesh. It also features a headrest, which provides support for the head, and often isn’t found on the chairs that are double the price of the Ergo3D.

A good mesh office chair

For those who prefer mesh chairs, the NOUHAUS Ergo3D should truly be one of their frontrunners for a new chair, as it has several strong suits which include the build quality, ergonomic features, and a great 5-year warranty.

Since NOUHAUS is a much smaller and newer brand than the likes of Steelcase and Herman Miller which we’ve previously mentioned, it’s fairly reasonable that people may be skeptical of the quality and durability of their chairs. That shouldn’t be the case at all, because NOUHAUS does an amazing job with their chairs, particularly with the Ergo3D which we are going to review now.

Construction and build quality

When looking to spend a couple of hunders of dollars on a new office chair, you expect it to be durable and well-made so it can last you a long time without having to spend extra money and time on possible repairs. Even though the NOUHAUS Ergo3 certainly isn’t a high-end office chair, it should still be a well-constructed chair.

Luckily, it truly is. The chair gives off a stable and sturdy impression with most of it’s parts being very high-quality, especially the wheelbase, which is made from aluminum. We feel the mesh could’ve been a more higher quality one, as most of the chair is covered in that mesh. However, that is one of the very few remarks we could find on the Ergo3D. The five-year warranty that the chair manufacturer gives to anyone that purchases this office chair, does a lot to spike confidence in the chair’s durability and its build quality. It features steel parts and the armrests are made from nice-quality PU leather. The maximum weight limit is 275 lbs, which is not the best in the class, but not the worst also. Overall, for an ergonomic office chair at this price point, it couldn’t have been much better.

Adjustability features

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair Grey

A good office chair needs to have a lot of adjustability features that will contour parts of the chair to your body, giving you more support and ultimately, making you more comfortable. More affordable office chairs don’t tend to have a lot of adjustability features. That isn’t completely the case with the NOUHAUS Ergo3D. It has several adjustable parts that aim to help you in getting the ideal setting.

Let’s go from top to bottom. The mesh headrest of the Ergo3D has a contoured shape and you can adjust it up/down. That is a nice feature that allows taller people to bring the headrest up, and not miss out on that feature.

The Dynamic Lumbar Support is also adjustable, but not manually, rather it responds to the movement of your body and that “reacts” to it. Armrests are 4D adjustable armrests, meaning they can move in 4 directions. That allows you to get the perfect height to position your arms on them while you are gaming or working.

There are also the standard seat height adjustment and the tilt options. The seat height is adjusted by the hydraulic gas lift, as expected. All of these adjustments work truly great together to try and bring you the best experience possible.


We have to say that this chair is not the best option if you are a taller person. The manufacturer recommends the Ergo3D to persons that are with a height up to 6’1″ and we feel that is entirely true. Shorter persons that adjust all the parts of the chair to their liking will experience a much better time sitting on the NOUHAUS Ergo3D. Since the chair is basically made entirely out of mesh, there is very little padding. Some people may find that as an issue, while others may prefer it better that way. The mesh truly adds a lot to the breathability of the Ergo3D, making this chair mostly recommended for people who live in hotter environments or sweat a lot during working.

Padding on the armrest, on the other hand, is quite fine. All the mesh and ergonomic design add to the overall comfort level that the Ergo3D has, and for the shorter people, it’s an amazing office chair, especially if you take the time to tweak and play with the adjustment features and truly nail that setting that your body needs.

If you are getting a comfortable chair for work or studying, this one should surely be on your list. If you wish to watch a movie or TV show in this chair, that will also be a nice experience, as the Ergo3D offers a recline function to get you laid back and relaxed. Overall, the comfort that the NOUHAUS Ergo3D provides to the user is quite good, and the people who prefer mesh over padded seats and backrests will find this chair amazing. Therefore, if you are a college student, we consider this chair one of the best desk chairs for college students out there.


NOUHAUS Ergo3D Burgundy Colorway

Everyone wants a good-looking office chair, especially if one spends a higher amount of money on it. In our opinion, the Ergo3D is not an especially good-looking chair, and many people will agree with us. Some, on the other hand, may not find this as an issue, and others might this of this chair as a good-looking one. In the end, looks are a matter of personal preference, and it always should be like that.

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Assembly process

One of the strongest points of the NOUHAUS Ergo3D is its fairly easy assembly process. It shouldn’t take you a lot of time, and if you happen to have a pair of helping hands, the process will be a lot faster. The allen wrench that is needed to assemble the Ergo3D is included in the box, so you shouldn’t have to worry if you have the necessary wrench at home. The whole process should take you up to one hour tops, and if you are more skilled in assembling things, even faster.


While there are several things that you won’t like about this chair, there a plenty of them that will make you like it very much, just like we did. It may not provide the best value of all the other ergonomic office chairs at this price range, but it’s a rather comfortable chair with a good build quality, designed to last you for quite some time.