MOLENTS Armless Task Office Chair – Compact And Elegant Budget Chair You Should Consider

Continuing our series of reviewing armless office chairs for those on a budget, we have a great, comfortable armless desk chair from MOLENTS, a great option for those who need an ergonomic, small, and affordable chair.

However, like any other office chair, it has its pros and a fair share of cons.

Let’s get into the review.

MOLENTS Armless Office Chair

Construction and features

First of all, let’s speak about the quality of the construction. A lot of chairs on the market that have this price tag are a bit “sloppy” constructed, so to say, but that is not the case with this MOLENTS chair.

Almost all parts of the chair are nicely engineered and constructed, from the base and wheels to the back seat. Don’t expect Hermann Miller’s quality, but still, it is a very quality-made chair that has a sturdy feel and quality parts.

Moving around works smoothly and rather quietly, as the chair has 360 degrees swivel nylon casters that protect the floor, which is always a very warm-welcomed feature. Also, if you happen to have a carpeted floor, moving around is still easy.

Of course, since it is an office chair, you can expect it to have a safe gas lift cylinder, and it does. When it decides to work, it does that nice and smooth, but some people are complaining that it does not work, which was not the case for us.

Since we’ve said that the chair has quality parts, that also means that the chair is quite durable. It can hold up to 250lbs or something a bit short of 114 kilograms, which is great for such a small chair. The most credit goes to the durable, one-piece, 5-star nylon base.

This is one of the most positive things about this chair, the durability it has, for such an affordable chair is fantastic, and it will last many years.


We like the design of this chair so much. It is simple, compact, and has an all-black colorway that will make the chair fit nicely in any room you put it in.

The one design aspect that stands out is the Y-shaped back, and we are huge fans of that, not just because of the ergonomics of it but for the looks also.

Since this is an armless chair, the lack of arms will make it so much easier to put the chair below the desk.

Assembly process

There is not one downside to the assembly process of this chair. It is one of the simplest chair assembly processes we have ever undergone, and it takes no more than 5 minutes of your time.

So, huge praises for MOLENTS for making the assembly process of the chair so simple and quick.


If you are in the need of a simple, compact, ergonomic armless chair that you will use for a couple of hours a day. you should seriously consider this one.

It ticks all the boxes a good quality budget armless chair needs to have including the durability, ergonomics, nice looks, and obviously, a great price.