KOLLIEE Armless Office Chair – Great Budget Chair For Your Home Office

If you are looking to purchase a new armless computer office chair and you are on a budget, then this one from KOLLIEE might be a great option for you.

It has almost all the good features a quality armless chair needs to have but for a great price.

Let’s check it out.

KOLLIEE Armless Home Office Chair Near A Desk

Construction and features

KOLLIEE really nailed a lot of features with this chair. Since it is an office chair it has a 360-degree swivel, which is always an in-handy feature. The wheels roll very smoothly.

Of course, the chair is height adjustable – 4.7 inches and that process works very smoothly because of the gas lift cylinder that moves the chair up and down.

Build quality exceeded our initial expectations, it feels like a much more expensive chair. All materials used to make this case are of good quality and give the chair a sturdy feel. With proper care, it will surely last you a couple of years, if not even more.

The heavy base of the chair and its solid materials give it the stability that it needs to have. Because of those materials and the base, this chair can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

The chair has a very little amount of screws that hold it together and you can actually cover them with covers that you get inside the box.

Ergonomics and comfort

Arguably, two of the most important factors that a quality armless office chair needs to have are ergonomics and comfort. This chair, well, kind of has both.

Let’s start with the ergonomics. When we test any new office chair we always look at how it supports the lower back first. This one does that very nicely, which we didn’t expect. The design on the backrest makes the chair kind of hug your back, which is comfortable and can make your posture better. We liked that the back is made from mesh, as it adds to the breathability of the chair so much, especially in the warmer months. If you live somewhere where the temperatures are higher, you will appreciate this feature even more.

Moving on to the seat; some people were complaining too much that it isn’t padded enough and we agree to some extent. The seat could’ve been made with more padding but it doesn’t make this chair uncomfortable. Yes, it would’ve been more comfortable but remember, this is a relatively cheap chair, so you can’t expect superior comfort.

Other than that issue, the chair has an okay comfort level that would allow you to work on this chair for a couple of hours. With this amount of padding, you really couldn’t sit on it for more than 5-6 hours without standing up to stretch.


When you look at this chair for the very first time, you would never say it is this affortable. That is in most part, credit to its good and modern design.

The KOLLIEE armless office chair has an all-black colorway, which makes it an easy fit for almost any office. It really has some serious look to it.

There is one design feature that is the main reason why this chair has the modern look, and that is the Y shape design. It’s not that it is great for your back, it looks cool and we are huge fans of it.

Assembly process

The assembly process is one of the easiest that we have ever encountered. Takes only 10mins from when you open the box, as the chair has maybe 10 screws. If for some reason you are stuck and can’t complete it (we think that shouldn’t be the case) there is an assembly instruction video to unstuck you and help you finish the chair assembly process.


If you currently have some old, cheap, uncomfortable chair that you spend a lot of time on, and you are thinking about upgrading, then this is the chair to consider.

This armless chair will help you in eliminating back pain and making your work more comfortable. Of course, don’t expect some Herman Miller ergonomics and comfort, but for this price, we think this chair is one of the best in the category. If you switch from an old chair to this one, the difference would be massive.