Herman Miller Mirra 1 vs Mirra 2 – Office Chair Comparison

There’s no need to speak a lot about Herman Miller; everyone knows that that name stands as a synonym for quality, design, and ergonomic perfection in the high-end office chair world. The Mirra is one of their most well-known and popular chairs and on the upgraded Mirra 2 they have done a tremendous job.

However, when planning to pay that much for an office chair, you want to know just how much the Mirra 2 is better than the original version of the Mirra chair, and if it’s worth it. Do all of the new features found on the Mirra 2 justify its price?

Let’s find out in our Herman Miller Mirra 1 vs 2 showdown.

Short overview

Herman Miller Mirra 1 Office Chair

Herman Miller Mirra 1

Introduced to the world scene back in 2003, the Mirra was something that wasn’t seen before. A beautiful, futuristic design, packed with a ton of adjustment features made the Mirra a chair that everyone wanted and got several great awards for it, too.

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Ten years have gone by, and Herman Miller released the new version of the Mirra. The Mirra 2 retains the similar shape that the original model has, but in a smaller frame. With its elegant design and superb build quality, it is truly hard not to recommend it to anyone that is looking for a new, high-end office chair.

Build quality and construction

One of the lowest priced office chairs made by Herman Miller, both the Mirra 1 and the newer Mirra 2 don’t lack amazing build quality. That is one of the main factors that the brand is so known for and both versions are sturdy made, as you would expect. The Herman Miller Mirra 2 is made from high-quality materials and is made in the USA.

The Mirra 2 weighs only 42 lbs (8 lbs lighter than Mirra 1), which means that moving around in it is quite easy and smooth. Polyurethane, plastic, and aluminum are used to make it, and you can be sure that durability-wise, you won’t have any issues. Pretty much the same goes for the original Mirra, durability is not an issue.

Both of these chairs have a mesh seat, and the mesh found on the Mirra 2 is AireWeave 2, a soft and durable mesh. For those who prefer a soft seat, these chairs may not be for you, because of the stiffer feel of the seat on both the Mirra 1 and the Mirra 2. However, for the ones that prefer that stiff feel and the support it gives, these chairs are a great option. With the Mirra 2, you have an option to choose the TriFlex Back and the Butterfly Back. For those who like to have mesh on the backrest, our suggestion is to go with the Butterfly Back, as the mesh cover makes a difference.

So, the final takeaway here is that, regarding build quality, you truly can’t go wrong with any of these, as they are both built to last, and the 12-year warranty you get with both of them proves just that.

Adjustment features

So, since we already mentioned that the Mirra 1 made a sensation when it was released, one of those factors that have made it that sensational was surely the adjustment features. The upgraded Mirra 2 just continues that “tradition”.

The older, Mirra 1 has a ton of adjustment features, some of which include the forward tilt, tilt tension, and lumbar tension, along with the standard seat height and depth adjustments. Back in the day that was a pretty big deal. So, fast forward ten years, and the Mirra 2 is widely regarded as some of the most adjustable chairs coming from Herman Miller.

The seat depth adjustment is controlled by a lever found just below the seat’s front side and it allows you to find the perfect position for your legs. Other than that, there are the standard seat height adjustment, adjustable lumbar support, and 4D adjustable arms. There is also an option for forward seat tilt, but that comes at an additional cost, further raising the price of this already high-priced chair. So, that is only recommended for people who truly need it, as most people can live without that feature.


The Herman Miller Mirra chairs are designed to give you the support where you most need it. Speaking of that, they shouldn’t be considered as soft chairs that you can lay on and fall asleep. They are designed for working and studying, and for that, they are quite comfortable, even after long hours.

We already mentioned that the seat is on the stiffer side, since it’s made from mesh, and that will suit many people. The mesh also gives the chairs improved airflow and breathability, to help you sweat less. Owe have to mention that one of the most important features, comfort-wise, on the Mirra 2 is the exceptionally comfortable armrests.


Both of the office chairs, the Mirra 1 and the Mira 2, have an exceptional design, designed by Studio 7.5. The curved seat and the design of the backrest make these chairs look futuristic and gorgeous. They are one of the most beautifully designed chairs that we’ve seen.

Herman Miller Mirra 1

But, the design differences between the two are not that huge, with the Mirra 2 having a little bit sleeker design and a smaller frame, as we previously mentioned.

Herman Miller Mirra 2

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You can’t go wrong with any of these two chairs; they both have the supreme build quality and are made from high-end materials. But, the Mirra 2 has a few improvements that can make a difference to some people and a smaller frame that can better suit smaller people. If you are upgrading from some budget chair to the Mirra 1 or the Mirra 2, the difference would be massive.