10 Fun And Crazy Facts About Printers

Printers have become an important piece of equipment in almost any office or home office in the world. From the invention of the printing press almost 6 centuries ago to the 3d printers we use nowadays, a lot has changed in the world of printers. Printers have become smaller and printing speeds much faster. 

The evolution of printers brought with it a lot of fun facts about them. Some of them are crazy, some of them are amazing and some are downright unbelievable. In this article, you will learn a lot of fun facts about printers, like which were the biggest and smallest ones ever produced, how much energy they use and so on. 

If that sounds good, let’s hop into it and learn about the 10 fun facts about printers:

  • World’s largest printer has a size of 59 ft in length. 

The newest record holder of the world’s largest printer goes to the Dip-Tech AR18000 digital ceramic in-glass printer. There are only two of them in the world, and are capable of printing a pane of glass that covers up a 690 ft square area! However, it doesn’t print paper, rather glass, but the printing process behind it is quite similar. See glass printing in action on another Dip-Tech printer, called the Dip-Tech DX-3, below.

  • The largest 3D printer in the world can print objects that are up to 100 ft long.

3D printers are a giant step in the evolution of printers and a giant step in the evolution of technology. They are now in usage everywhere, from home offices to large 3D printers found in large corporations. However, those can’t compare in size to this absolute monster of a 3D printer. 

Researched for 15 years by the University of Maine and unveiled by them, the largest 3D printer in the world can print pieces that are up to 22 x 100 x 10 ft in size. It can print a one-piece boat! 

  • The smallest mobile color printer is just 72 x 51 x 68mm in size

Made by a company called PrinCube, the world’s smallest mobile printer is designed to be portable and fit in a pocket. It weighs only 160 g which also makes it the world’s lightest printer. The most amazing thing about this tiny printer is that it can print on any material, not just on paper!

Princube - world’s smallest mobile printer
  • World’s smallest all-in-one printer is the HP Deskjet 3755

All-in-one printers have gained a ton of popularity over the years because of their multiple abilities besides printing alone. They are usually big, but HP released the Deskjet 3755, dubbed the “world’s smallest all-in-one printer” which is just 15.86″ x 6.97″ x 5.55″ in size.

HP Deskjet 3755

  • Fuser rollers heat up to nearly 400°F!

Fuser units (two fuser rollers) are parts found on the inside of the printer and they are responsible for melting the toner particles and heating the paper, making the paper itself quite hot when it gets out of the printer.

Fuser Roller

Fuser roller

  • Toner melts at a much lower temperature

When you are thinking about fuser rollers heating to such abnormal temperatures, you would think that the toners melt at those similar temperatures, but that is actually not the case. Put the toner below some slightly more heated water and you could see it melting. Crazy, right?

  • Laser printer actually uses much more energy than your PC

Even though it’s much smaller than the PC, when printing, a laser printer uses as much as three times more energy than a regular desktop PC.

  • The fastest printer on the planet can print up to 150 pages in one minute!

Made by a brand called RISO, their ComColor 9050 printer can print 150 colored prints in a minute. That is blazing fast. Compare it to the regular laser printers, which can print 20 or slightly more pages per minute, depending on the model, and this fact becomes even more amazing.

  • 3 Times the Earth can be circled over:

by discarded and unrecycled printer cartridges. That is a crazy fact, and a pretty sad and terrible one, since printer cartridges are a tremendous threat to the Earth’s whole environment.

Bonus fact: The world’s most expensive printer is the IBM Infopoint 2085, which costs slightly more than 30000$! It’s an absolutely massive printer and it means serious business. Nothing like those printers made for home offices that you can get for under $150.