EUREKA ERGONOMIC 60″ Gaming Desk Review – Fantastic for multiple monitor setups

Eureka makes a handful number of very popular gaming desks and other gaming accessories. We have decided to take their popular 60″ Gaming Desk for a spin and see it is worth it and does it enhance a gaming experience. This is a quite large desk, so it will be for everyone who needs a lot of space for their gaming peripherals and multiple monitors.

It can also be used as a regular computer desk if you are not an avid gamer, as it offers a lot of space and can be a desk you use for your workstation. This desk also comes in a 47″ version, but we are fans of bigger desks, so we’ve opted for the much bigger, 60″ version.

Let’s jump into the review.

Eureka Ergonomic 60

Features and construction

The Eureka Ergonomic 60″ Gaming Desk was designed with hardcore gaming in mind. That means it has a large and sturdy construction and a lot of much-needed gaming features. The feature that we especially liked was a double headphone rack; you usually see just one on the gaming desk, so getting another one is a nice addition. That is found on the left side of the desk, and on the right, you have a cup holder. An important feature when you are gaming for long periods and you need a refreshing drink by your hand. The only downside to these is that you cannot alter them to your preferred position. Other features include a standard 4 charging USB ports and a socket holder, pretty standard on all gaming desks. You also get a cable management grommet so you can keep your station in clean condition.

Construction-wise, this desk is one of the best in this price range. It has a very stable and sturdy construction, much better than we anticipated. The parts are pretty high quality and make this desk have a high weight limit. So, you shouldn’t worry about this desk lasting a long time. The legs look sleek and on the bottom of them, you can find the height-adjustable feet.

The desktop is made from two pieces that you assemble in one piece and they will give you this nice, large desktop. The top of this desk is curved which looks very aesthetically pleasing and is fully covered in a mouse pad. That is an important gaming feature and it’s quite soft; a perfect accessory for your gaming mouse.

Design and looks

The curved design of this desk will please any passionate gamer. It has the two dominant colors all around the desk; black and red. The carbon fiber desktop truly adds to the “racing” style of the Eureka Ergonomic 60″ Gaming Desk.

You can find a couple of Eureka Gaming logos on this desk, which is a nice touch. If you have a PC that resembles the colors of this desk, it will fit perfectly, and make your gaming station an even better-looking one.


Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk Triple Monitor Setup

The Eureka Ergonomic 60″ Gaming Desk got us quite surprised. It is a great option for any gamer who needs a large desk, and that they can use as a gaming desk for 3 monitors. It can also be for those who need a bigger desk that they can use as a computer desk, but if they can get past the gaming style of this desk.

It of course has a couple of downsides, like almost any other desk in this world, but it has a great price and offers incredible value. And, if your peripherals and PC match the colors of this gaming desk, they will make an incredible combination.