Remember this guy below? The video of the Professor Robert Kelly’s live BBC interview interrupted by his two adorable kids has been all over the internet in the past few weeks. If you work from home like up to 25% of working people in America, you know very well how quickly the distractions can add up.

While working from home has many advantages, sometimes it can be difficult to separate your life at home, from your professional life. The first step is without a doubt setting up a space in your home that will be work only. A study in your own home should be customized according to your personal taste. Functional, modern, classic or playful, you need to create the atmosphere in which you feel comfortable. First step is finding the right furniture so you can design your office according to your ideas. It can be a desk for a computer workspace in the living area or full set for a separate home office. What furniture pieces are needed for the home office?

Dchildren interrupting Robert Kelly's live BBC interviewesk

The desk is a paramount piece in your home office, and the choice is very diverse: the classic design is eye-catching, the corner table saves space and additional elements for the desk as roll containers offer storage space for paperwork. Then there are also height-adjustable desks for children, standing consoles or do-it-yourself ideas to build the desk yourself.

How will your workplace look, depends entirely on your own needs. Therefore, ask yourself a few questions: Do I need a lot of space and would like to expand my work? Then a large desk with a width of up to two meters and drawers for the study is exactly what you need. Or do you only work from home at times, and does the desk serve only to sort the mail? In that case, a dainty secretary is ready for the living room corner. And vintage maple end tables just to put your mail.


LED lamps are increasingly used for desk lamps. They are mostly fixed in the desk lamp, extremely energy-saving and durable. Equally efficient are halogen and energy saving light bulbs for desk lamps. It is important that the light source provides a clear and bright working light.


The requirements for a shelf are very diverse: one is the shelf of the presentation of beautiful things, for the other, it should above all be practical and keep order. If the shelf is cleverly integrated into the given architecture, it can unify the space or accentuate details. Closed shelves make an impression for a tidy and organized space.

It is important for every shelf that it is easily accessible and you can remove and re-arrange items effortlessly. If the shelf is not convenient, you will not use it and the items will be scattered around the room. Therefore, before you buy, you should carefully consider the purpose for which the shelf is needed, and where the shelf should be located at home.

Paper bin

Often overlooked, the paper bin plays a key role in keeping your office tidy. A study without a paper basket can quickly look like a waste paper collection. Even in times of iPad and other smart gadgets. The paper basket swallows bills, envelopes and cardboard boxes and provides an organized and tidy atmosphere. In this way, the paper basket ultimately helps you to concentrate on the work.


If you work from home, you already ahead in feeling at-home in your office. But there is absolutely no reason to make your workspace more fun by adding some knick-knacks. Whether it’s a plant, your favorite vacation photo framed, or a cool office gadget, if it makes you smile, it deserves a place on your desk.