If you’re an architect, then you know how vital proper lighting can be for your work. With so many desk lamps out there, it can be tough to choose which lamp is best for your needs.

Therefore, we decided to put together a review of all of the top-rated desk lamps for architects to help you make a more informed decision. There are many things that we’ve looked at before finalizing our list, like the build quality, design, portability, and size of the lamp.

We’ve also considered the brightness, color temperature, and how well the lamp meets the needs of your work.

What Should Architects Look at Before Getting a Desk Lamp


One of the most important aspects of a desk lamp for architects is adjustability. You want a desk lamp that’s going to be easy to set up and adjust to fit your specific needs. It’s important to make sure that you can raise or lower the light source, adjust the angle, and do that without much effort.

Build Quality

A good desk lamp should be built sturdy and durable, but not weigh too much, as that can decrease its portability. Nobody wants a cheap desk lamp that will fall apart in a matter of months.


The lamp’s design should compliment the rest of your workspace and should have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. If you have a modern, minimalist workspace, you may want a minimalist desk lamp. On the other hand, if you have an industrial office, a simple desk lamp with exposed metal parts may be what you’re looking for.


Different types of lamps use different types of light bulbs. The most common type of light bulb in desk lamps is the incandescent bulb, which produces warm, yellowish light. Another popular light bulb option is the halogen bulb, which produces white light.

Also popular are LED bulbs or even compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs).

Top Rated Desk Lamps For Architects – Buyer’s Guide 2023

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

Bemelux LED Architect Lamp

Luxo LS 23W CFL Task Light

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

This gorgeous desk lamp radiates a soothing, gentle glow. What makes this lamp special is that it was designed to be easy on the eyes, all while covering a wide surface. This lamp is ideal for those who need an extra boost of brightness.

It has a powerful light (1800lux) that can easily illuminate up to 35″, and it’s very simple to set the brightness, color, and distance from the lamp to suit your needs. BenQ is a trusted brand when it comes to electronics, so it’s not a huge surprise that this lamp’s build quality is premium.

This lamp also gives you the option for 23 brightness levels and 13 color temperature settings, allowing you to adjust it to suit the time of day. This lamp is ideal for office environments or home offices,  and it’s one of the best lamps for e-reading, studying, and drawing. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Bemelux LED Architect Desk Lamp

The Bemelux LED Architect Lamp is one of our favorite lamps, and all for the right reasons. It’s a pretty large desk lamp, with the lamp head measuring 22 inches wide, and the two adjustable arms measuring 16.14 inches in length.

This lamp is able to cover an area of 22″, and with 5 brightness levels, it can be set to be very dim or very bright depending on what you prefer. But, no matter how bright you set it to be, the light will still be easy on the eyes, because of the integrated Eye-care Technology.

However, the most interesting feature of the Bemelux LED Architect Desk Lamp is its adjustability. The two arms are both able to be adjusted independently, so you are able to get the light to shine at almost any angle that you want and any architect will enjoy that. If you want a high-performance, yet affordable option, then the Bemelux LED Architect Desk Lamp is a great choice.

Luxo LS 23W CFL Task Light

For those looking for a more industrial-looking lamp, there is no better choice than the Luxo LS 23W CFL Light. Everything about this lamp screams industrial style, from the lamp head to the exposed springs, and you know that this design is never going to go out of style.

The lamp is constructed using aluminum and alloy steel, which makes it both durable and great-looking. The lamp head measures 6.75″ in diameter, and the adjustable arms measure 45″ in length. This lamp head doesn’t take up a lot of space, but it’s still able to light up a more than decent enough amount of space.

If you wish to remove the base, which is really stable, with this lamp you will get the edge clamp mount that enables you to mount it on the edge of a desk. Overall, this lamp is a great choice for architects who want an industrial-style lamp that is built to last.

Ferrawel Natural Light LED Desk Lamp

This 18W lamp has a captivating design that implements a 3D light source for a more rich work lighting that is suitable for all kinds of workspaces. It features a natural white color that will bring a soothing touch to your workspace.

Moreover, it features auto-dimming technology that will adjust the brightness automatically depending on the surrounding light level. This feature reduces eye fatigue which is utterly important when working long hours.

You can also manually control three color temperatures, ranging from 3k to 5k lumens. This lamp excels in another aspect that is important for architects, and that is adjustability. With the Ferrawel LED Desk Lamp, you can easily find the right position that you want to illuminate.

It also has more interesting and helpful features like Delay Shutdown, Night Light, Touch Control, and more.

BYB Metal LED Desk Lamp

The BYB Metal LED Lamp features a classic design but is extremely eye-caring and eco-friendly. The LGP side-emitting technology ensures that there is no harsh glare that will harm your eyes. Furthermore, the energy-saving mode is amazing, and it uses much less energy than standard bulbs, but also increases the lifespan of the lamp.

What stands out about this lamp is its exceptional build quality. It feels incredibly sturdy, and its premium quality aluminum housing gives the lamp a premium look. With a metal clamp, you can attach this lamp to your desk and get the most out of it.

Six dimming modes mean that you can use this lamp not only for work but as a night light that will help you relax in bed or wake up in the morning. With this lamp, you get a lamp that is both eye-caring and has premium build quality, plus it comes with a very affordable price tag.

Neatfi XL LED Task Lamp

This 20-inch lamp from Neatfi is designed to illuminate a large area, which is much needed by architects. While it’s not as bright as some other task lamps on this list, it does a great job at providing enough light to read or work, and it doesn’t produce much heat at all. 

The lamp features many adjustments, most noticeably the fully-flexible head joint that allows you to point the light in any direction. You can also adjust the 32″ arms to get the right height and angle.

The Neatfi XL LED Task Lamp features 4 brightness levels which are controlled by a power button that can sometimes get “confused”, making it hard to adjust the brightness. Another thing is the slightly higher price, which is why this lamp is placed lower on our list.