Dell Dual Monitor Stand - Best Stand For Two Monitors

More and more people are switching to dual monitor setups nowadays. Those dual monitors offer much more screen space that you just can’t have on a single monitor and the benefits of those are countless. Some of the most important are the increase in productivity (almost 20%!) and the 20% decrease in errors. Those stats are just amazing and it’s easy to see why so many people upgrade their monitor setups.

Setting up the dual monitors on a desk can get tricky and complicated and that is where a dual monitor stand comes in to play. It is so much tidier and better looking to setup your monitors on a stand and there is none better then the Dell MDS19 Dual Monitor stand.

Let’s see why.

Features and review

The MDS19 dual monitor stand from Dell has some of the best features we’ve seen on the market. Let’s get into them.


  • Very easy to put monitors onto the stand without using tools (for Dell UltraSharp or Series monitors)
  • Can mount two 27in monitors
  • Great cable management system
  • Panels are easily adjustable
  • Optimized for Dell monitors
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Dell is renowned for it’s great and clean for their products and the MDS19 is no exception. The design itself, although it can comfortably fit two 27″ monitors, is very compact.

Cable management system design is phenomenal; it lets you to easily fit your cables with the usage of a round cable slot and cable clips behind the monitors. They system hides the wires and cable so good that we were very impressed.

This monitor stand has a black/grey colorway with the base being colored in grey and the stand being colored in black. That colorway design is similar to Dell’s newer monitors.


The Dell MDS19 stand is very sturdy and heavy, which is a good thing, because you want to have a stable and balanced stand if you want to put dual monitors on it, so they don’t move around or fall.

The panels can be adjusted quite easily and can move 90° in any direction. You can adjust one monitor vertically and another one horizontally pretty effortlessly.

If you happen to have an UltraSharp Dell monitor or a Series monitor, they can be attached without using screws. This stand is constructed to fit 19″ to 27″ VESA compatible monitors and the maximum weight load is 13.2 lbs.


  • Depth – 9.8″
  • Width – 22.7″
  • Tilt – 5° to 24°
  • Rotation – -90° to 90°
  • Swivel – -10° to 15°
  • Display Size – 19″-27″
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The Dell MDS19 is one of the best dual monitor stands you can find right now, plain and simple. It is sturdy, has great design and amazing features. You can easily put and adjust your monitors on it. Build quality is also off the charts. The only thing we can criticize is the higher price, but other then that this is a fantastic stand for your dual monitors and we highly recommend it.

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