Cubiker 55" L-Shaped Computer Desk - Detailed Review

L-shaped desks have been around for quite some time now and the great thing about them is the amount of space and leg room they give you. Very few of them can be equal or better then this one from Cubiker.

It combines style and quality construction with a great price.

Let’s begin this review of the Cubiker L-shaped computer desk.

Cubiker Modern L-shaped desk


Since the Cubiker L-shaped desk is not that expensive, you can’t expect it to have the most quality wood for the desk panel, but is still uses a pretty good quality wood. It uses a MDF – Medium-Density Fibreboard for the desk panel which is very easy to clean and maintain and is also waterproof. The coating that this panel has should make it resistant to minor scratches which is a great thing.

Let’s now move on to the desk frame. The frame that this desk has is made from steel, a powder coated steel to be specific which makes this desk very stable. If you have an uneven surface you can use the levelers on the legs to make it even.

The maximum capacity that the desk can hold up is about a 110 lbs (50kg) which is more then enough to put your two monitors on this desk (or even three if they are smaller in size), a laptop and a couple of desk gadgets.

Cubiker L-shaped Computer Desk
Cubiker 55" L-Shaped Computer Desk


Let’s begin this style segment of the Cubiker l-shaped desk by talking about the colors. The amazing thing with this desk is that it comes in multiple different colors so it will be easier for you to pick the one that will fit you surroundings. This desk is available in: Black, Dark Rustic, Natural, White, Rustic Brown and Walnut.

Moving on to the design of the desk. It has a very sleek, simple and modern style that really makes working or writing on it very comfortable and satisfying. We believe that the Cubiker l-shaped desk will make any working space better looking.


We really like this L-shaped desk. It has plenty of space for all the stuff you need to put on it and will also come with a monitor stand, which is great. Leg space is not missing as well.

With all the good things we said about this desk, the best thing we didn’t talk about yet is the price. This desk is very affordable, and for a large l-shaped computer desk that will make your work an enjoyable time, it is definitely worth it.

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