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Hekman Home Office Junior Executive Desk Review – One of the most beautiful high-end executive desks

Hekman is a furniture brand that makes some of the best high-end executive desks on the market. The one we are going to review now is their Junior Executive Desk, a gorgeous, antique-style desk that will fit in your new home office perfectly.

The design and the finish of this desk will make you feel like a boss but does the style and quality of construction justify the high price tag?

Let’s find out.

Hekman Furniture Junior Home Office Executive Desk

Features and construction

With this higher price tag comes the expectation of quality construction and the Hekman Junior delivers. The desk is made from solid wood and flat cut and burl walnut veneers that make this desk heavy and sturdy. That is everything you would wish for in a quality executive desk, to be sturdy and made from quality woods so it can last you many years.

The Junior has a total of 7 drawers; the one in the center has a keyboard pull-out, as you would expect, and a wrist rest. The other ones are the 4 box drawers and 2 file drawers. The nice touch is that there are 2 pull-out writing surfaces on this desk.

The dimensions of the desk are 60.25″ x 32″ x 30″, which will give you plenty of space for your monitors and all other desk accessories. The top of the desk has 3 panels with gorgeous walnut inlays that give this desk a very nice feel and look.

Another nice thing about this desk is that it features a wire management system; something that always comes in-handy, as no one likes to see a bunch of wires around them.


The Old World Walnut Junior Executive Desk is a great name for this desk because of its beautiful, antique design and walnut finish. We think that there is not a single home office in the world where this desk would fit.

The attention to detail, the walnut inlays, the design of the handles, the style of edges truly set this gorgeous executive desk apart and make you feel special. It will look its best in appropriate surroundings; if you happen to have a big room with antique bookshelves, mirrors, doors.. it would take the center stage and catch the eye of anyone who enters your home office.

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The Hekman Junior Executive Desk is one beautiful furniture piece, one that will be the center of your office for a long time. Its build quality and solid wood usage make it one of the best executive desks that we have reviewed.

It requires assembly and is quite heavy, but when you finally put it into the place you want, the work will be worth it and you will truly enjoy sitting behind this desk.

Sure the price is high, but this is one of the best desks available and can stay in the family for generations. Its features, design, and walnut finish make it one of our favorite executive desks and the one that we would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new, antique-styled executive desk.

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Sauder Edge Water Executive Desk Review – A great and affordable executive desk for your home office!

Sauder is one of the leading producers of ready-to-assemble furniture and one of the top five furniture manufactures in the US. Sauder is a very popular brand, that makes a variety of furniture, including executive desks.

We have tested one great-looking and affordable executive desk, the Sauder Edge Watter Collection Executive Desk, which proves that even if you are on a smaller budget, you can still get a good executive desk, with both quality and good aesthetics. Since it is a fairly priced desk, don’t expect solid wood construction.

Let’s get into the review of this Sauder Executive Desk.

Features and Construction

It consists mainly of MDF and Particle Board so you can expect this to be a sturdy and stable desk. As we said before, don’t expect a solid wood construction for this price. This home office executive desk from Sauder is 65 1/8″ x 29 1/2″, which is an optimal size for an executive desk for all your must-have desk essentials ranging from your laptop and cup of coffee to your collection of notepads. It can also be used as a dual monitor desk.

It features a big drawer/shelf with a flip-down panel for your keyboard and mouse. Two upper file drawers with metal runners and safety stops are smaller to store office supplies like pens, stamps, staples…

The two lower drawers are larger and have letter-size hanging file frames so you can accommodate your files and documents so that you can keep your stuff well organized at every moment.

Desk-top has a grommet hole for electrical cord access, which allows for setting up your cables neatly, so you can get a cleaner workspace.

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Sauder Home Office Edge Water Executive Desk

Sauder Edge Water Collection is an elegant executive desk with a minimalistic and simple design with an old and rustic feel. The amazing thing is that it comes in two colorways, so it will be easier for you to pick the one that will fit your surroundings.

This executive desk from Saunder is available in Chalked Chestnut and Estate Black finish, which is a little smaller desk than this one. The Estate Black finish will have you feeling more masculine and the Chalket Chestnut will cool your temper. We would go with the Chalked Chestnut one, as we think it will fit better in most home offices than the Estate Black, but that is just our opinion.


The assembly of this desk should take you a few hours to complete, but if you have someone that could give you a hand, that process will be quicker. The manufacturer will give you a detailed instruction manual that is very easy to understand so that shouldn’t be a problem; just take your time and be patient.


It is very spacious, has a couple of nice features and the looks of it are great. And another thing we should mention is the durability of this desk. Even for such an affordable executive desk, the level of durability is quite good and it should last you many, many years to come. We highly recommend this one!

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Modway Armless Office Chair Review

Modway is a popular brand that makes a variety of furniture, including armless office chairs. The one we have tested is their Ripple Ribbed Armless Mid Back chair. A compact and elegant-looking office chair that has a fair price.

It comes in a variety of interesting colors, something that is uncommon among armless office chairs.

The Modway armless chair has a lot of positive things but it has a couple of cons that we will speak about.

Let’s get into the review and see if this armless office chair from Modway is for you.

Modway Armless Chair Near A Desk

Construction and features

We always start a chair review talking about the quality of its construction. The Modway armless chair has a very sturdy feel to it, surprisingly. It exceeded our initial expectations, and we think that with this construction quality it will surely last years.

The 5-star frame of the chair is made from chromed aluminum, which is a great thing, considering that most of the chairs in this category have bases made from plastic. A huge plus.

The wheels roll rather smoothly even on carpets. On floors, it is a breeze.

The leather imitation on the seat is really nice looking, plus it is easy to clean, maintain, and hard to make dirty, maybe only the lighter colored versions.

The tilt feature doesn’t exist on this chair; as someone who likes to tilt from time to time this was not great, but it may not be an issue for other people.

The pneumatic lifting works amazing; very easy to adjust to your desired height and that also makes it easy to put the chair under your desk after you’ve finished working.

Overall, surprisingly good quality for the price. The chair is sturdy and the aluminum base is a huge bonus over the competition.


The design of this chair from Modway looks very similar to the YAHEETECH armless office chair, but we think it is even better looking, because of its better quality materials.

There are plenty of colorways to choose from as we mentioned: black, brown, green, grey, orange, red, tan, and white. The white one was our favorite, but we are sure that the other colors look great as well.

The kind-of contemporary, modern design will fit nicely in most home offices. Some people may not like the chromed base, but it is a good look for us. It has a genuinely expensive look to it.

This chair has a compact feel to it, but it will fit taller people without any problems. The dimensions of the chair are 18.5 x 23 x 34 inches, so it will easily fit under most desks.

Ergonomics and comfort

In this compartment, we give this chair an “okay” score, a 4 out of 5.

It is not an uncomfortable chair, but it could’ve performed better in this compartment.

The padding on the seat is thick enough for lighter people, but it may wear out quicker for heavier people.

It is a comfortable chair for some time, but it definitely can’t compare to the more ergonomically designed chairs with thicker padding. If you can sit on it straight, you may be more comfortable for a longer amount of time.

The back support is okay, but if you want a more comfortable chair you should consider something like the KOLLIEE armless office chair.

Assembly process

The assembly process is one of the easiest we have ever done. It takes no more than 5 mins of your time and requires no tools, which is great.

And because it is not a heavy chair, it makes the process that much easier. 5/5 stars for the assembly process.


The Modway armless office chair is a great one; it has good, modern looks, quality construction, and it is compact.

The only compartment in which it could’ve been better is the comfort. Not that it is bad, but it is not made for sitting on it for more than a couple of hours.

If that is not a big deal-breaker for you, this chair is a great option that you should seriously consider.

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YAHEETECH Adjustable Armless Office Chair Review

There is a very small number of armless office chairs on the market that are more elegant looking than this one from YAHEETECH.

It has a design that will fit in almost any room and a price that is hard to compete with. But, it has its cons and may not be suitable for bigger people.

So, is it worth buying?

Let’s get into this in-depth review.

Construction and features

Let’s start with the construction quality of this office chair. It is remarkably quality made and sturdy for a chair with this price tag.

All parts of the chair are very well put together and are made from good quality materials except the wheels. That is because they are not working that smoothly as some on other ergonomic armless chairs and we think that they may scratch the floor more easily. Other than that, everything else is sturdy and well made and we don’t have any remarks.

The gas lift has a great range and works simply and seamlessly. And that is great because with this armless office chair you could work different jobs that have different desk heights.

We already said that this chair has an elegant look and that is credited to the PU leather used to make the seat and the chromed plastic used to make the base and frame. We don’t like the use of plastic, but for this price, you can’t get better than this, and fairly, it doesn’t look bad and feels sturdy. The base is actually dust resistant, which is a fantastic thing.

One thing we didn’t like is that you always have to sit upright, as this chair can’t tilt.


This YAHEETECH armless office chair is a low-back chair with a simple, elegant design. It comes in five different colors, including black, blue, grey, white, and pink. We like the black one the most, as we think it is the most versatile and will fit in any space. Also, it is the hardest to get dirty.

This chair isn’t made for exceptionally tall and heavier people, as it is very compact and wouldn’t support heavy people. However, if you are looking for a smaller chair, this is a great option. It will fit almost anywhere and is easy to put below the desk since it doesn’t have arms.

Ergonomics and comfort

These two factors are where this chair struggles, to say the least. It has an okay level of back support for smaller people but for others…
It is not an especially comfortable chair because of its design and lack of support.

Compared to other armless chairs that we have tested, we would rank it near the bottom for comfort. Sitting in it for 45 mins or maybe an hour is okay, but everything more than that, including a long working period on this chair, is uncomfortable. This is the factor we were most disappointed in. However, if you don’t plan to work on it or don’t need to sit on it for a couple of hours, then it is a chair to consider.

Assembly process

The size of this chair allows for an easy assembly process that takes less than 10 mins.

The only downside to the assembly process is that in the assembly manual the manufacturer doesn’t indicate that the wheels should be snapped into position. Other than that, it is pretty straightforward and should be very easy for you to put together.


For anyone that needs a good-looking, simple, and compact chair and doesn’t plan to sit on it for more than a couple of hours a day, this is a good chair to consider.

It is well-made, has a sturdy feel, and has a price tag that won’t break the bank.

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MOLENTS Armless Task Office Chair – Compact And Elegant Budget Chair You Should Consider

Continuing our series of reviewing armless office chairs for those on a budget, we have a great, comfortable armless desk chair from MOLENTS, a great option for those who need an ergonomic, small, and affordable chair.

However, like any other office chair, it has its pros and a fair share of cons.

Let’s get into the review.

MOLENTS Armless Office Chair

Construction and features

First of all, let’s speak about the quality of the construction. A lot of chairs on the market that have this price tag are a bit “sloppy” constructed, so to say, but that is not the case with this MOLENTS chair.

Almost all parts of the chair are nicely engineered and constructed, from the base and wheels to the back seat. Don’t expect Hermann Miller’s quality, but still, it is a very quality-made chair that has a sturdy feel and quality parts.

Moving around works smoothly and rather quietly, as the chair has 360 degrees swivel nylon casters that protect the floor, which is always a very warm-welcomed feature. Also, if you happen to have a carpeted floor, moving around is still easy.

Of course, since it is an office chair, you can expect it to have a safe gas lift cylinder, and it does. When it decides to work, it does that nice and smooth, but some people are complaining that it does not work, which was not the case for us.

Since we’ve said that the chair has quality parts, that also means that the chair is quite durable. It can hold up to 250lbs or something a bit short of 114 kilograms, which is great for such a small chair. The most credit goes to the durable, one-piece, 5-star nylon base.

This is one of the most positive things about this chair, the durability it has, for such an affordable chair is fantastic, and it will last many years.


We like the design of this chair so much. It is simple, compact, and has an all-black colorway that will make the chair fit nicely in any room you put it in.

The one design aspect that stands out is the Y-shaped back, and we are huge fans of that, not just because of the ergonomics of it but for the looks also.

Since this is an armless chair, the lack of arms will make it so much easier to put the chair below the desk.

Assembly process

There is not one downside to the assembly process of this chair. It is one of the simplest chair assembly processes we have ever undergone, and it takes no more than 5 minutes of your time.

So, huge praises for MOLENTS for making the assembly process of the chair so simple and quick.


If you are in the need of a simple, compact, ergonomic armless chair that you will use for a couple of hours a day. you should seriously consider this one.

It ticks all the boxes a good quality budget armless chair needs to have including the durability, ergonomics, nice looks, and obviously, a great price.

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KOLLIEE Armless Office Chair – Great Budget Chair For Your Home Office

If you are looking to purchase a new armless computer office chair and you are on a budget, then this one from KOLLIEE might be a great option for you.

It has almost all the good features a quality armless chair needs to have but for a great price.

Let’s check it out.

KOLLIEE Armless Home Office Chair Near A Desk

Construction and features

KOLLIEE really nailed a lot of features with this chair. Since it is an office chair it has a 360-degree swivel, which is always an in-handy feature. The wheels roll very smoothly.

Of course, the chair is height adjustable – 4.7 inches and that process works very smoothly because of the gas lift cylinder that moves the chair up and down.

Build quality exceeded our initial expectations, it feels like a much more expensive chair. All materials used to make this case are of good quality and give the chair a sturdy feel. With proper care, it will surely last you a couple of years, if not even more.

The heavy base of the chair and its solid materials give it the stability that it needs to have. Because of those materials and the base, this chair can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

The chair has a very little amount of screws that hold it together and you can actually cover them with covers that you get inside the box.

Ergonomics and comfort

Arguably, two of the most important factors that a quality armless office chair needs to have are ergonomics and comfort. This chair, well, kind of has both.

Let’s start with the ergonomics. When we test any new office chair we always look at how it supports the lower back first. This one does that very nicely, which we didn’t expect. The design on the backrest makes the chair kind of hug your back, which is comfortable and can make your posture better. We liked that the back is made from mesh, as it adds to the breathability of the chair so much, especially in the warmer months. If you live somewhere where the temperatures are higher, you will appreciate this feature even more.

Moving on to the seat; some people were complaining too much that it isn’t padded enough and we agree to some extent. The seat could’ve been made with more padding but it doesn’t make this chair uncomfortable. Yes, it would’ve been more comfortable but remember, this is a relatively cheap chair, so you can’t expect superior comfort.

Other than that issue, the chair has an okay comfort level that would allow you to work on this chair for a couple of hours. With this amount of padding, you really couldn’t sit on it for more than 5-6 hours without standing up to stretch.


When you look at this chair for the very first time, you would never say it is this affortable. That is in most part, credit to its good and modern design.

The KOLLIEE armless office chair has an all-black colorway, which makes it an easy fit for almost any office. It really has some serious look to it.

There is one design feature that is the main reason why this chair has the modern look, and that is the Y shape design. It’s not that it is great for your back, it looks cool and we are huge fans of it.

Assembly process

The assembly process is one of the easiest that we have ever encountered. Takes only 10mins from when you open the box, as the chair has maybe 10 screws. If for some reason you are stuck and can’t complete it (we think that shouldn’t be the case) there is an assembly instruction video to unstuck you and help you finish the chair assembly process.


If you currently have some old, cheap, uncomfortable chair that you spend a lot of time on, and you are thinking about upgrading, then this is the chair to consider.

This armless chair will help you in eliminating back pain and making your work more comfortable. Of course, don’t expect some Herman Miller ergonomics and comfort, but for this price, we think this chair is one of the best in the category. If you switch from an old chair to this one, the difference would be massive.

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Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk Review

Every true gamer needs a proper gaming desk that will make his gaming experience that much better. Gaming desks should be wide enough to fit dual monitor setups, have space for gaming accessories and look cool. And this one does just that for a great price.

Vitesse Gaming Desk

Quick Insight

Gaming desks can have quite a hefty price tag, and when you purchase a brand new PC, maybe you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on a desk. And we think the same.

That is where this big Vitesse gaming desk comes into play. It has a ton of features that will you will like and that will make your gaming experience better.

We will get into every possible detail about this desk, from it’s design to it’s assembly.

Let’s get to it.


This is a very big desk, measuring at 55” in length and the width of the desk is 23” and that together provides for a very spacious desk, meaning it comfortably has enough space for two monitors so you can enjoy your gaming on a multi-monitor setup and also has the space for all of your gaming accessories.

This desk is not the best option if you want to use it as a corner desk since it is T-shaped. If you want to put a desk in the corner you should look for an L-shaped desk. Now, back to the Vitesse.

The top of the desk is made from two pieces, rather then one, but it works just fine. The desk top has a carbon fiber look to it, matching the overall racing style of the desk about which we will talk about later.

Desk is really sturdy and stable, which we didn’t expect initially for a desk with this price tag. The frame is made from steel and with the 4 leveling feet it holds the desk pretty nicely and can withstand a huge amount of weight, so you don’t need to worry about it being unstable or weak.

Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk Dimensions


Vitesse Gaming Desk Racing Style

In the name of the product stands the adjective “Racing”. And that very much depicts the style of this desk, racing style. Have you ever seen a Formula 1 or Nascar race? Noticed how all racing cars have an aggressive, fast design to them? The colors and the lines? That is the story with this desk.

It has a black/red colorway that covers the whole desk. It has a couple Vitesse logos that are found on the sides of the legs and on a giant mouse pad that covers the whole desk top.

All of those decals, shapes and colorway contribute to a really nice looking gaming desk. And keep in mind that it comes in three colorways: Black, Carbon Fiber/Black and Red, with the red one being the brightest and the one that stand out the most.

So, if you are looking for a desk that stands out, we would suggest you go with the red version.

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Since this is a very sturdy desk and it’s construction is made from steel, you can’t expect it to be light. And that may not be a bad thing, as the weight adds the stability to the desk.

But, it is not the heaviest desk in the world either, and it will still be pretty easy for you to carry it around when looking where to place it in the house and assembling it.

If you are interested in numbers, it weighs around 60 lbs and for those Europeans out there that is a little bit more then 27 kgs.

Leg Space & Ergonomics

One problem with desks is that many of them don’t have a lot of leg space which can be bad for your posture if you sit at the desk for a longer amount of time. You want to be able to stretch your legs from time to time and this desk gives you just that.

It is shaped in a way and big enough to give you a comfortable and pleasant experience.


With all gaming desks come great, cool, in-handy features to improve your overall gaming experience. You have come home after a long day at work and you just want to relax and have fun playing video games and just want the best possible experience. Well, this Vitesse Gaming Desk with it’s cool features gives you just that.

The three biggest in-handy features of this desk are the handle rack, a headphone hook and a cup holder.
The handle rack is a very nice feature offering you a place where you can put and store your controllers. That way the desk can remain neat and organized. On that gaming rack are 4 USB ports because why not? The more USB ports you have, the better.

If you are a avid gamer, chances are you are using a quality, overhead headphones for better audio experience while gaming. And since those headphones are big in size, this desk has a headphone hook underneath the desk top that allows you to place them there and keep them hidden and the desk organized.

The last feature that this desk has is it’s own cup holder. If you are drinking a juice or a coffee while gaming you don’t want a glass of juice or a cup of coffee on your desk because it can spill anytime on you keyboard and mouse. And to reduce chances of that happening, they have put a cup holder on the side of the desk, a safe place you can store your drink while enjoying your game.


The assembly of the desk should take you a couple of hours to complete if you don’t want to rush it and take it step by step. Now, with a desk that is this size and has all of these features, you might think it will be a very complicated task that will take forever to complete.

But, as we said, a couple of hours and it will be done. The manufacturer gives you all the stuff needed to assemble a desk of this size, including plenty of screws, quality screwdriver, hex keys and other stuff. So, you don’t have to worry about if you have the tools and home to assemble the desk, the manufacturer provides it to you.

Now, you can’t assemble a desk without the instructions and this is were it gets a little bit tricky. The instructions are bad, but if you take it slow, step by step and not lose you nerves in the middle of the process (like we did), you should be able to complete it just fine.


  • Has plenty of space
  • Great, in-handy featured
  • Sleek, racing style
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Comes with all the tools to assemble it


  • Desk top is made from two parts
  • Instructions are bad

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We just love this Vitesse gaming desk. It is spacious, has a lot of great features, the looks of it are great and the price is fantastic.

Sure, it has a few imperfections but they are not that big and obvious.

We would definitely recommend it to any gamer who is looking to purchase a new gaming desk that doesn’t cost a fortune but checks all the boxes of a quality gaming desk.

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FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk Review

L-shaped desks are a great option for those who want to place their desk in the corner and also want a little more space. They are also great desks for those who use dual monitor setups.

With sitting desks you can get back pain very frequently, so height adjustable standing desks are getting more and more popular around the world. So with this one from Fezibo, you get a ton of space and a height adjustable desk for a very fair price.

Let’s check it out.

Fezibo 55" L-shaped Height Adjustable Desk


This desk from Fezibo is 55″ x 24″ which is an optimal size for a l-shaped desk and will give you much needed space for your desk equipment and gadgets. The desk panel is made from a solid quality wood, not great like the other more expensive height adjustable desks, but still, pretty good.

Now let’s talk about it’s frame. It has a metal frame and two legs, one shorter and one longer, since this is a l-shaped desk. The frame hold pretty nice, and the construction is sturdy and solid.

Cool features can be found on the sides of the desk. First one are the set of two desk hooks, which can be used to hook your headphones, bag or something else and the second one is a cable management tray, which allows for setting up you cables neatly, so you get a more cleaner workspace.

FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

Height Adjustment Feature

The most important feature with this desk is it’s height adjustment. It is powered by a single motor and comes with a 3 preset buttons that allow you to move your desk up to 47inches. The motor works very quietly and smoothly which we liked very much.

There are many benefits to working on a standing desk, and it is just very comfortable and enjoyable working on this one.


As we draw this review to a close, we still have to mention the best thing about this desk. That is it’s price. It is very favorable for a height adjustable desk of this size.

If you are looking to get an l-shaped desk for your new dual monitor setup or just need a standing desk, this might be a great option for you.

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12 Cool Office Gadgets That You Must Have

Cool Office Gadgets


Let’s face it – a majority of office spaces are pretty boring and in these difficult times when most of us are working from home, setting up a nice, comfortable and interesting home office space can increase your productivity and make you happier. With these 20 cool office gadgets you are guaranteed to make your workspace much more fun.


Vaydeer 2 Tiers Aluminum Monitor Stand

If you happen to have a messy desk, you regularly can’t find your important stuff on the desk, this is a product that will help you to easily organize your desk stuff and make it a neat working space. It is made from quality aluminum and comes in two colors – black and silver. The great this about this stand is that is has a wireless charging pad so you can get rid of the charging cable and easily charge your phone without the excess cable. Also, there is a USB 3.0 hub with 4 ports to help you in transferring your data.

The stand is raised almost three inches, giving your more then enough space to put your office gadgets, keyboard and mouse under it, making your desk tidier.

BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Set

If you run on caffeine, like the majority of office workers, and you like your coffee always hot, here’s the perfect gadget for you. The BESTINNKITS SMART coffee set works on a gravity induction technology and features an automatic on/off. The ceramic mug is included in the box but you can also use any mug with a flat bottom. On the side is an LED light that indicates when your drink is heated and on the top is a glass layer that is very easy to clean.

This is a fantastic product for anyone who likes to drink coffee or any other hot beverage while working.

BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Set

Mini File Cabinet Business Card Holder

This cute, tiny sized file cabinet is actually a business card holder. Even though some people claim that the business cards are obsolete, they are still very widely used.

This little guy can hold 3.5″ x 2″ business cards and has a A – Z index, making it easier for you to find the business card you are searching for.

This mini file cabinet is a very cool, in-handy product that will make for a perfect desk accessory and also a great present.

Mini File Cabinet Business Card Holder

Self Stirring Coffee Mug Cup

Who needs spoons, your mug can do all the stirring for you. Just pour milk, add some sugar and some coffee and with the push of a button, you will have a perfectly mixed beverage. It works pretty simple.

It has a motor that works when you press a button and a cover on top of the mug that prevents it from spilling you beverage on your office desk.

Pretty cool.

OMOTON C3 Cell Phone Stand

A phone stand is this very in-handy product that everyone needs on their desk. It just makes it that much more tidier and cooler. This one from Omoton has a aluminum frame that looks very premium and quality made. The frame is stable and you shouldn’t worry about your phone falling of from it.

The amazing feature that this phone stand has it that it can be adjusted up to 195 degrees, making it easy to look at your phone from all viewing angles.

In also comes in different colors, including navy blue, rose gold, silver, black and red.

OMOTON C3 Cell Phone Stand

Smart Tech Handcrafted Natural Bamboo Wooden Keyboard and Mouse 

This is an amazingly good looking wooden keyboard and mouse that will make your desk better and cooler looking. The thing that we liked the most about this keyboard and mouse is that they are handcrafted and when you look at them, you just appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making this gadget.

It connects to your PC or Mac with a single receiver and that makes them super easy to connect and get them ready for use.

Add this wooden keyboard and mouse to your office desk to create a sense of warmth and comfort in your space or just unleash your inner hipster.

Smart Tech Handcrafted Natural Bamboo Wooden Keyboard and Mouse

Sower’s Source Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Bonsai trees can make your desk that much more beautiful and cozier and this starter set has all the things to get you started up on bonsai gardening. It is perfect for beginner gardeners as it has a free e-book care guide.

In the package are seeds for 5 different trees so you can grow the one that will fit your surroundings the most.

Is will look perfect on your desk and will serve as a great gift too!

Sower's Source Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Pro Breeze Mini Air Purifier

How many times has it happened that you forgot to wipe the dust from your big desk, computer and monitor? All that dust just sits there and along with dust there are many bacteria in the air in your office and around your desk. This gadget called ProBreeze Mini Air Purifier has a HEPA filter inside that can get rid of 99,7% of the particles, dust, bacteria and all the other things that make the air in your office or home office bad.

First amazing thing about this air purifier is that it works with DC adapter or USB. Second amazing thing is that it works quietly, like really, really quietly.

If you happen to have some allergies or if you just want to keep the air in your workspace clean, we definitely recommend this great gadget.

Pro Breeze Mini Air Purifier

Nebula Capsule – Smart Wi-Fi Projector

You are at you office and you want to show a beautiful presentation to your colleagues but your lap top screen is just to small to fully conjure up your presentation? That’s where this little wi-fi projector from Nebula comes into play. This projector has a battery that will last up to 4 hours of video playing on one charge and a great surround speaker.

And the quality of image it projects is just fantastic. All of that coming from a projector that can fit in your hand.

One very cool office gadget.

Nebula Capsule

Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock

Everyone needs a cool looking clock on their office desk. It just looks so much better with one on it and there is no clock cooler then this LED Wooden clock from Oct17. This cool clock displays the time (obviously), temperature and the date.

It has three levels of adjustable brightness so you can dim the lights if it bothers you while you work. The great feature that this clock has is that on top of it is a wireless charging station so you can easily charge your phone without the excess cables and continue to work.

The design of this clock is very elegant so it will easily fit in any office.

Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock

HumanCentric Vertical Laptop Stand

If you connect you laptop to your monitor then you will need one of these – a laptop stand that will easily organize your big desk. It makes it very easy to dock your laptop on it, when you place it on the stand and it will securely grip your laptop or Macbook into place.

The design of the stand from HumanCentric is very modern and sleek and it will surely look good wherever you put it. Oh, and it comes in three colors – black, silver and space gray so you can match it with the color of your laptop or Macbook.

HumanCentric Vertical Laptop Stand

13” Light Up Globe for Kids & Adults

This 13″ globe will look amazing at any office desk and it is a fun way to learn about places around the world. You can plug it into power at night and it will show you the stars and astronomy which looks fantastic.

It is also very lightweight so it will be easy for you to carry it around and put it wherever you like.

This is a very cool and interesting thing to have in your office, it will look good and you will also learn new things about the world!

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Cubiker Computer Desk Review

L-shaped desks have been around for quite some time now and the great thing about them is the amount of space and leg room they give you. Very few of them can be equal or better then this one from Cubiker.

It combines style and quality construction with a great price.

Let’s begin this review of the Cubiker L-shaped computer desk.

Cubiker Modern L-shaped desk


Since the Cubiker L-shaped desk is not that expensive, you can’t expect it to have the most quality wood for the desk panel, but is still uses a pretty good quality wood. It uses a MDF – Medium-Density Fibreboard for the desk panel which is very easy to clean and maintain and is also waterproof. The coating that this panel has should make it resistant to minor scratches which is a great thing.

Let’s now move on to the desk frame. The frame that this desk has is made from steel, a powder coated steel to be specific which makes this desk very stable. If you have an uneven surface you can use the levelers on the legs to make it even.

The maximum capacity that the desk can hold up is about a 110 lbs (50kg) which is more then enough to put your two monitors on this desk (or even three if they are smaller in size), a laptop and a couple of desk gadgets.

Cubiker L-shaped Computer Desk
Cubiker 55" L-Shaped Computer Desk


Let’s begin this style segment of the Cubiker l-shaped desk by talking about the colors. The amazing thing with this desk is that it comes in multiple different colors so it will be easier for you to pick the one that will fit you surroundings. This desk is available in: Black, Dark Rustic, Natural, White, Rustic Brown and Walnut.

Moving on to the design of the desk. It has a very sleek, simple and modern style that really makes working or writing on it very comfortable and satisfying. We believe that the Cubiker l-shaped desk will make any working space better looking.


We really like this L-shaped desk. It has plenty of space for all the stuff you need to put on it and will also come with a monitor stand, which is great. Leg space is not missing as well.

With all the good things we said about this desk, the best thing we didn’t talk about yet is the price. This desk is very affordable, and for a large l-shaped computer desk that will make your work an enjoyable time, it is definitely worth it.

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