How to Build a Simple Desk | Office Desk DIY

Working in the office, whether it’s your home office or at work, you know how important office furniture is to your productivity. The desk is an essential piece in your office space, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive one.  If there is a piece of office furniture […]

March 15th, 2018|Office Design|

Declutter Your Home Office Now – 4 Simple Steps

The typical home office is usually the smallest room in the house. It is often used for different activities, which means there is just lots of stuff laying around, much of it you don’t even know what it is anymore. Messy desk makes doing any job that has to be […]

March 8th, 2018|Office Design|

How to survive a whole day in high heels

In many industries, appearances matter. Although many companies have adopted casual dress code in the past decade, many employers still encourage a more formal business attire. When it comes to the “boardroom formal” dress code, employees are expected to project a professional image and convey executive presence.

And even if you […]

October 27th, 2017|Health|

The Anatomy of The Perfect Coworking Space

The purpose of coworking spaces is to combine a serious work ethic and a pleasant atmosphere and to encourage interacting with people and swapping ideas. That means that a coworking office has to be optimized for work, but also flexible enough for freelancers and start-ups. We have tried to list […]

March 20th, 2017|Office Design|

How Technology Changed Office Jobs

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives. In the last five or ten years, technological innovations have revolutionized the way we communicate, shop, manage our bank accounts, read news, work and play.

The office space has changed tremendously as well. The modern office has evolved a great deal in a […]

March 19th, 2017|Technology|

10 Cool Gadgets That Will Make Your Desk More Fun

Let’s face it- majority of office spaces are pretty dull and boring. But wit these 10 gadgets you are guaranteed to make you workspace much more fun.

  1. Cyanics Desk Organizer

This organizer is very stylish, compact and lightweight and it fits in with most sleek computers and monitors, with bespoke compartments for […]

March 1st, 2017|Pastime|