If you are on the lookout for a new desk lamp for your gaming desk, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are looking to purchase a gaming desk lamp to make your ambiance better looking, to reduce eye soreness, or to set a better gaming mood, this list of the top 6 best gaming desk lamps will help you tremendously.

Let’s check them out.

Top 6 Best Gaming Desk Lamps 2023

Philips Hue Bloom Dimmable LED Smart Lamp

Philips Hue Bloom Smart Lamp

The absolute best lamp that will enhance your gaming experience is the Hue Bloom from Philips.

The Philips Hue is a series of LED light solutions from Philips, and this one is one of our favorites.

How does a Hue Bloom work? You plug it into a power source and then you connect it to a Philips Hue Bridge (that is sold separately). After that, you can control it through an app that lets you change the colors (16 million options!).

You can also set the brightness level (dimming the lights) easily so that it won’t bother your eyes and take your focus away from gaming. The Hue has a lens that makes the colors have a rather warm tone, which isn’t heavy on the eyes.

This is a great lamp because it lets you have full control of the mood you are trying to create. And it works seamlessly.

It is also very sturdy and quality made, as you would expect from a brand like Philips. It is made from metal and glass, making Bloom a durable lamp.

Since it is not a very big lamp, sized at just 4.96″ x 5.08″ x 3.89″, you have the option to put it anywhere you want. You can easily put it behind your monitors or below the desk, depending on the ambiance you want to make. This makes the Hue Bloom a perfect supportive lamp.

Why is it a supportive lamp? Because the Philips Hue Bloom produces somewhere around 120 lumens, which is not a lot.

There is a downside to this, however. Bloom’s power cord is a thing that you can’t hide and its adapter is big and bulky.

The second and much bigger downside is the price, but with the Hue Bloom, you will get a quality lamp that you can easily control and that will last a long time.


  • 16 milion color options
  • 120 Volts
  • 4.96″ x 5.08″ x 3.89″
  • 120 lumens
  • Works with a smartphone app
  • Voice control


  • Can create different atmospheres
  • Works perfectly with the app and Hue Hub
  • Intelligent, compact design
  • Great supportive lamp


  • To unlock the full potential of the Bloom you have to purchase the Hue Hub
  • Power adapter is bulky


This is a very fun LED cube from LOFTEK. It has a 16 colors option and 4 different levels of dimming (10%, 40%, 70%, 100%) making it a very cool and interesting addition you can make to your gaming desk and enhance your gaming experience.

Those dimming levels are a great thing if you are playing games late at night and you just want to cool down the atmosphere and make the lightning a little bit easier on the eyes.

A very interesting thing that the LOFTEK LED Light Cube has are the 5 different color animation modes, including Smooth, Flash, Continuous, Fade, and Strobe. A great and valuable feature.

Let’s talk now about how it is made.

The shell that the Cube has is made from polyethylene that is free from toxic materials (very important!). What we especially liked about the shell is that it has a smooth texture and is water-resistant. It can even float! (although not for a very long time).

On the bottom of the shell are 4 integrated feet, which make the Cube lift just a little bit above the surface. With this feature, it is much harder to scratch the bottom of the Cube where the cover is.

The battery lasts for about 10 hours but can get to even 12, and is easily replaceable and also easily rechargeable. The battery in use is the 2200mAh lithium-ion battery.

The only downside that this lamp has is that it is controlled by a rather cheap, plastic controller. The buttons don’t have the best response time and that is the thing that bothered us the most.

Other than that, this is a fantastic little lamp that you can add to your gaming desk. It has a couple of very interesting features and an amazing price. It also comes in bigger sizes, but for a desk, we think that the 7in Cube fits the best.


  • 16 RGB Colors
  • 5 brightness levels
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • 1000MAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Made without toxic elements
  • Controlled by remote


  • Great price
  • Interesting dynamic modes
  • Nice matte finish
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Remote looks and feels cheap

AUKEY Table Lamp

Aukey Lamp

This is one of our favorite table lamps and let us tell you why. With this lamp, you will be able to create a nice gaming atmosphere and you can use it as a bedside lamp for reading as well.

It has a nice, minimalist design that will fit any desk and has a compact size. Its dimensions are 4″ x 4″ x 8.5″ and if you have a big desk that fits two monitors, maybe you want to get two of them on each side of the desk.

The price of the AUKEY lamp may be very cheap and you might think that if it comes at that price, then the materials would be cheap as well, but that is not the case. It is made from ABS and aluminum and has a sturdy feel, like some of the more expensive lamps.

Since we have put this lamp on the list of the best gaming desk lamps, you should expect this lamp to change colors to suit your gaming atmosphere. And it does, very well.

The color-changing lightning is changed by touch. You can change different RGB colors, brightness, lightning modes and of course, turn it on and off. It is sensitive and works simply and seamlessly. The lowest level of brightness is still very bright and works very well if you are gaming at night and don’t want a lamp to distract you or hurt your eyesight.

Of course, it can’t compare to the more expensive smart lights in any way but it is still a very good lamp for the price you pay for it.


  • Touch Control
  • 4″ x 4″ x 8.5″
  • 680g or 24oz
  • RGB Colors
  • 3 brightness levels


  • Great, compact design
  • Touch control works seamlessly
  • Affordable


  • None

BenQ LED Desk Lamp

This is by far the most expensive desk lamp on this list and all for the right reasons. The BenQ LED desk lamp can light the whole desk, making it a perfect gaming experience companion.

It is a tall lamp, easily the tallest on this list, and some people might love it and others don’t. We liked it because that tallness allows it to illuminate a desk. The height is adjustable, so you can get a perfect fit for your desk. The base of the lamp is big and heavy, which is a good thing if you worry about it falling but if you happen to have a very small desk, then it may take a lot of your desk space.

What we especially liked about the BenQ LED lamp is that no matter how bright it was, there was no glare on our monitors, and therefore won’t affect your gaming experience.

The brightness levels are of course adjustable and they range from the very low setting to the extremely bright. Temperature is also adjustable so you can easily set the tone; from warm ones to brighter ones. For gaming late at night, we preferred warmer colors so we don’t get distracted.

Absolutely the coolest feature that this lamp has is its auto-dimming mode; it detects ambient brightness and automatically adjusts the level of brightness of the lamp.

If you are spending a lot of time on your desk, gaming or working, this is one of the best desk lamps for your eyes, but it comes at a price, and that is its biggest downside.

However, it is absolutely worth it, and you can use it for many other activities, like reading or working, and not just for gaming.


  • Adjustable color
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Automatic ambient light adjustment
  • 2700K-5700K
  • Smile Curve Technology
  • Flexible ball-joint


  • Light up the whole desk because of the curved design
  • No glare when looking at the monitor
  • Materials are eco-friendly
  • We really like the auto-dimming mode!


  • Quite expensive

OttLite Pivot LED Desk Lamp

This is a lamp from OttLite that has a minimalist, dual-head design, only one on this list with that kind of design.

We like this design because it allows you to change the placement of the light, so to say; they can concentrate on one light source or two separate ones.

The neck is also adjustable; it can move upwards and downwards, and that way you can easily illuminate the wall behind your gaming monitor to make a more enjoyable experience. But, they could’ve been just a bit more flexible.

The lamp’s brightness is of course dimmable and it has 3 color modes. It reduces eyestrain so you can keep playing games longer. On the base of the lamp, there are three buttons by which you control all those different modes and turn the lamp on and off.

Since this is a LED lamp, it will last much longer than the regular lamp.

This is a very good desk lamp that has a great price and a nice dual-head design that a lot of people will find useful.


  • Duel-head design
  • Touch activated controls
  • Neck height is adjustable
  • Turn-off timer
  • 3 color modes
  • Can last up to 40.000 hours


  • Very lightweight
  • Compact; great for smaller tables
  • Natural daylight color


  • Made from plastic
  • Could’ve been more flexible

Philips Hue Play Smart Lamp

Another entry from Philips on this list is their Hue Play lamp. It will be a fantastic addition to your gaming desk setup but it comes at an expensive price.

They will fit anywhere on the desk, because of their compact size and flexibility. You can put them horizontally or vertically. However, we liked to put one on each side of the monitor horizontally and play with the different light options endlessly.

The Hue smart lights have 16 million color options and you can create perfect gaming surrounding with these two. Also, you can dim the lights if they are too bright easily on your Philips Hue app. The dimming works from 1 – 100%.

However, this is where the problems appear. To use the Hue Play you have to purchase the Hue Hub, which is sold separately, and that will cost you extra bucks.

If that is not a problem for you, then the Hue Play is the perfect option for your gaming desk setup. It can also be controlled by voice, if you have Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.


  • 16 million color options
  • Controlled by the Philips Hue app or voice
  • Compact and versatile design
  • Timers


  • Can put it anywhere
  • Easily controlled
  • Many color options
  • Makes a great atmosphere


  • Expensive
  • You need to purchase the Hue Bridge to unlock its full potential