Most of the students that are studying hard and put in long hours have experienced some back pain. Just imagine this: you need to get an “A” on an important test and you need to study hard. After some time studying you get all crawled up, your back is not straight and then you begin to experience back pain that is not just painful but also takes away your focus from studying.

For that to not happen you will need the best chair for studying and for that, you have come to the right place. A quality chair will make your posture better, give you all the back support you need, and also increase your productivity.

Countless options on the market can be found right now, so we have decided to make your decision of picking the best chair for studying a lot easier.

Let’s get into it.


What are Chairs for Studying?

Well, chairs for studying don’t exist as a special category of office chairs, yet they are chairs that are comfortable for long studying hours, durable to withstand heavy use, easy to move around, breathable enough to prevent excessive sweating, and have many adjustment options that allow the user to find the perfect sitting position for studying long hours.

10 Best Chairs For Studying 2023

Herman Miller

SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable
Office Chair

Home Office Desk Chair

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron - Best Chair For Studying Long Hours

When talking about office chairs, there is always one brand name that just stands out for its exquisite quality and design: Herman Miller. Herman Miller’s chairs are some of the most well-known and rightfully so, they are one of the best.

So, it’s no surprise that we have put one of their most popular chairs on this list, the Classic Aeron. When you need to sit on your chair for a longer period, studying hard, you just need all the comfort you can get, and that means: mesh back for ventilation, comfortable seat, and padded armrests. In these metrics, the Aeron excels.

The mesh back is super important when you are learning in summer when the temperatures get hot and you start sweating. That can get very uncomfortable, so Herman Miller Aeron has one of the best mesh backs in the game to prevent that from happening.

The armrest is very thick, something that we liked so much, as they give you a lot of comforts when you put your arms on them. There could be a problem with that, however, as the thickness level of the armrest may be preventing you to fully put the chair under your desk. But, they are adjustable, so you can easily adjust them to your liking.

Trust us when we say it is one of the most comfortable chairs on the planet. However, the backrest is not recommended for taller people, but if you are of regular height, you are pretty much good to go. That, along with the high price are the only downsides to this fantastic studying chair.

Let’s move on to the good things. There are 2 more good things about this chair; it comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to waste time assembling it, and the other one is that you get a 12-year warranty. 12 years! Absolutely fantastic!

The Herman Miller Aeron is a high-end chair that has top-notch components and fantastic build quality. It’s crazy comfortable but that comes at a price. If you can and are willing to spend that amount on a chair, you will not go wrong for sure.


  • One of the most comfortable chairs
  • High level of adjustability
  • Durable and quality materials
  • Comes preassembled
  • Great design


  • High price
  • Back rest is not great if you are a taller person

SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Next on this list is a great chair from SIHOO. Their Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair is a much more budget-friendly edition than the previously mentioned Herman Miller Aeron. Although, the design of the chair has some similarities with the Aeron is much better looking, in our opinion.

However, this is not a high-end office chair and we won’t review it as such. This chair won’t break the bank of most students but will still offer a good amount of breathability, ergonomics, and adjustability.

Right from the start, we were quite surprised with how much the seat is comfortable and ventilated. The first thing you notice when you first lay eyes on this chair is its mesh back; something that is rare to find on a mid-range office chair. However, this one is quite good and it will keep you cool while you are studying. Also, the ergonomics of it allow for it to mold to your back and give you that much-needed comfort.

Right above is the headrest. The headrest is a separate part that can be adjusted up/down up to 3″ and up to 45 degrees rotation. This is a quite nice feature that allows you to rest your head on it for a moment before continuing to study.

The armrests are also high adjustable (2.7 inches) and front/back adjustable (2.3 inches). This makes this chair quite easy to put under a desk when you finish working or studying to make that extra space in your room. And obviously, the whole chair can tilt back and move up and down by pressing a gas lift. All of this means that this chair is quite surprisingly very adjustable and will fit all your studying needs.

The wheelbase is a five-star polished aluminum base and is very durable and wide. The wheels roll quite smoothly and nicely.

If you are on a budget and are searching for a nice-looking, ergonomic chair that will satisfy your studying needs, you should seriously consider the SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair. It won’t drain your wallet and will make your studying more comfortable and enjoyable. Oh, and the assembly is super easy; it takes just 15 mins.


  • Comfortable for long studying hours
  • Quite adjustable
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Easy assembly
  • Good price


  • Warranty is only one year
  • Head rest can have undesired shiftings

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

SIDIZ T50 Office Desk Chair

If you are looking for some alternatives to the high-end studying chairs, your serious consideration should be the SIDIZ T50. It boasts a premium and ergonomic design that will make you fall in love with this chair from the moment you lay eyes on her. And one more great stuff with this chair is the vast adjustability options which we will talk about later on.

With the SIDIZ T50, you can very easily get a great sitting posture for your long, studying hours. That is because this chair has an excellent ergonomic design that will support your back throughout the day. And also, the seat depth is adjustable so you can easily find the one that works for you.

The armrests on the SIDIZ T50 are quite good and since they are 3D armrests, you can adjust them almost any way you want. That process is very simple and on the sides, you can actually find notches that make the leveling and matching of the left and right armrest easy.

The cushion on the seat is not the thickest we have seen but it will definitely be comfortable enough for studying for a longer period. There is one big feature that this chair has and it may help you while studying. That is the forward-tilting function and it works quite simple: when you push a lever, you will tilt forward. This feature is helpful in many other aspects like limiting stress on your spine and keeping you holding a good posture.

Mesh back is made from quality and light mesh and it adds to the breathability of the chair. The mesh back and the general ergonomic design, like the curved headrest, make this chair a fantastic option for studying for longer periods but with a price that isn’t too high.

The many adjustment features truly give the SIDIZ T50 an advantage over some other chairs in this price range. Keep in mind that this is not a budget chair but it’s still priced very fairly. This is recommended for those who are looking for a more serious chair with a more ergonomic design and more features than a regular, budget chair.


  • Great, ergonomic design
  • Mesh back
  • Tons of adjustment options
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Armrests are comfortable


  • Seat cushion could’ve been a bit thicker

Hbada Office Desk Chair

Hbada Office Desk Chair For Studying

Hbada is a brand that makes affordable and good-looking office chairs, and their Office Task Chair is no exception. It has a surprisingly large amount of features, something you wouldn’t expect on a chair with this affordable price tag. These include mesh back, 90-125 degrees tilt option, and adjustable lumbar support.

This one also has flip-up arms, which is a nice feature, especially if you want to put the chair under your desk. They can move up to 90 degrees and that way you will be able to save a lot of space. That is, without a doubt, the main and most important feature that this Hbada office chair has.

It, of course, allows for 360 rotation and the chair is height adjustable from 40.8″ to 44″. The maximum weight capacity of the Hbada Office Computer Desk Chair is only 250 lbs, which was a disappointment for us. That is one of the lowest capacities in this price range and we just wished for a bit more.

However, it is perfectly comfortable for working or studying on it for a couple of hours, because of the comfort that the mesh back and the padding give this chair. The nice mesh back also adds to the breathability, especially important in warmer times of the year. The padding on the seat will not disfigure even after months of usage, which is a huge plus. On chairs in this price range, that can happen often, but that is not the case with the Hbada Office Chair.

The style of this chair is strikingly beautiful. We especially like the two-color finish, and that made the chair fit perfectly in our office. For a mid-back chair at this price range, the smooth style, along with the great-looking flip-up arms is amazing.

Overall, this is a great option for anyone on a budget that is searching for a comfortable and nice-looking studying chair with flip-up arms. Build quality is decent, as there were some cheaper parts in use, as we expected. But, for this amount, you can’t get a much better chair.


  • Flip-up arms
  • Beautiful design
  • Mesh back
  • Great price


  • Weight capacity is only 250lbs
  • Has some cheaper parts

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Ergonomic Task Office Chair

Flash-Furniture Mid-Back Task Chair

Unlike the previous chair on this list, the Hbada Office Desk Chair, this chair, from highly popular Flash Furniture, doesn’t have that many special features but is another chair that is a great option for students on a budget. This mid-back chair offers a good amount of comfort that is especially important when you are studying hard for that big exam.

The curved back allows for airflow and keeps you cool after long studying hours spent on this chair. Super important for all of you that are planning to spend a lot of time sitting on the Flash Furniture Mis-Back Task Office Chair. The mesh is a little bit rougher than we expected, but hey, this is still a budget chair, and you can’t get that high-end chair material quality for this low price.

Like the previous chair, this one also has padded flip-up armrests which allow you to comfortably rest your arms on them and also, move them up if they are getting in the way and also make more space.

There are two features that we especially liked on this chair. Those are the waterfall seat design and lumbar support, two ergonomic features that allow you to sit on this chair and enjoy it. You can also tilt the chair backward using the know below the chair. A very welcome feature.

For a chair that has an affordable price the materials that it is made from are completely satisfactory. The comfort level is also satisfactory, even if you are weighing 200lbs and the movement of the chair is very smooth for a budget chair.

However, you should expect this chair to last you 10 years as it is a mid-back budget chair. It will do the job of keeping you comfortable throughout your studying days, and it will do that for a fair price. Highly recommended for anyone that is on a budget and needs a quick solution regarding their chair for studying.


  • Curved back
  • Padded flip-up armrests
  • Lumbar support
  • Affordable


  • Not many special features
  • Rougher mesh on the back

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

This is probably Duramont’s most popular chair and all for the right reasons. It is a great chair you should certainly consider if you are looking for an ergonomic, mid-range chair for studying. The chair design is nice enough to fit in any room and make it look even better and more serious.

The ergonomic design of the chair gives you the back support you will surely find helpful when studying long. Two features stand out when we speak about the Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair and those are the mesh back and the headrest. The mesh is very comfortable and will surely help in keeping your body cool. The headrest has a nice contour to it and the great thing is that you can adjust it to your preferred height.

Moving on to the seat. It is not the most comfortable seat in the world, as you would expect from a budget chair. We wished it was thicker, but it seems good enough for sitting on it for 3-5 hours. The nice touch is that it has an outer mesh that will help in breathability and ventilation. Another nice touch is the tilt adjustment knob, which allows you to manage the recline level of the chair.

Armrests possess some level of padding but we thought that they would’ve been a bit more comfortable. Their adjustability is also not the best in the world, as, if you want to move them back and forward, you will have to loosen the screws. That is not an ideal system and we wished that it was better designed. However, the vertical movement is pretty smooth and straightforward.

The rubber wheels roll surprisingly smooth on many surfaces and they are attached to a pretty sturdy aluminum 5-star base. That design matches very well with the rest of the chair.

The Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair is a chair that you should consider if you are looking for a budget, ergonomically designed chair. It does have some flaws, of course, like the missing depth adjustment but for this price, it’s still a chair you should consider if you are planning to sit on it for less than 8 hours.


  • Mesh back
  • Headrest
  • Tilt adjustment knob
  • Rubber wheels work great


  • The seat cushion could’ve been thicker
  • The adjustability doesn’t work smooth enough

Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase Gesture

We are back with the high-end chairs and boy, do we have a great one. Widely regarded as one of the best office chairs you can get, the Steelcase Gesture comes at a high price. And by high price, we mean the highest on this list. Does it have the right features and the appropriate ergonomics to justify that high price? Let’s find out.

We are going to start with the build quality of this chair. It’s one of the best we have ever seen; solid, sturdy, and made with quality materials. The usage of plastics was very limited and we liked that very much. The fact that you’ll be getting a 12-year warranty with this chair speaks more than enough about the durability of the Gesture. We were expecting to see the best of the best with this chair and we sure have seen it. But, that sturdiness also comes with a price, as that makes this one of the heaviest chairs around. For some people who like lighter chairs, this is going to be a downside, but it wasn’t for us.

Moving on to the ergonomics and comfort. This is simply one of the most comfortable chairs if you plan to sit on it for 8 hours or more. That is because the seat has amazing padding in every area and because the back of the Gesture actually fits the shape of your back. So, no matter how tall or short you are, on the Steelcase Gesture, you will find the perfect sitting position for lengthy studying hours. This thing with this chair is that it is designed to make you sit properly and not bend your back.

Another great feature that the Steelcase Gesture has is going to make taller folks happy. Under the right side of the chair, there is a knob with which you can control the movement of the seat, and you can get it out quite far, so that is a feature that the taller people will especially like.

Moving on to the feature that everyone will like. We are talking about the movement of the arms, and they made it so easy and accessible. You can easily move them left/right and up/down to accommodate your sitting position.

Finishing this review of the Steelcase Gesture, we have to say this is one of the best high-end chairs, especially for taller people. If you prefer to sit ergonomically, this is surely the one for you. That is of course if you can get past the high price tag. However, the build quality, ergonomics, and 12-year warranty make the Steelcase Gesture a great investment.


  • Superior build quality
  • Supports ergonomic seating
  • Comfortable for long studying hours
  • Arms adjustability


  • Not ideal for shorter people
  • High price

WorkPro (R) Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mid-Back Chair

The next studying chair on this list is this mid-range chair from WorkPro, called the Quantum 9000. This is not the most gorgeous chair on this list, but if you are seeking a solution for your back pain that occurs while studying, this one might be for you. It’s a mid-range chair, so you can expect better features than the ones found on budget chairs.

The WorkPro Quantum 9000 has a great build quality as we expected. The use of metal parts is a huge plus and that makes the chair stable and sturdy. However, as you can expect with metal parts, it makes the chair quite heavy, even heavier than Herman Miller Aeron.

We really liked the ergonomic design of this chair. The mesh back takes the shape of your back and gives the Quantum 9000 breathability and comfort. The mesh will help in preventing you from sweating during hot summer days. The mesh can also be found on the seat and it’s quite durable and breathable. We were truly surprised by how this mid-range mesh chair can be so breathable and comfortable. The weight capacity of this chair is 250 lbs, which disappointed us a little bit, as we think it could’ve been a bit more.

The WorkPro Quantum 9000 has many adjustability options, including synchro-tilt, 3D armrests, and adjustable seat depth. You can tilt back up to 30 degrees and the seat can be moved up to 3 inches. One of the best adjustability features of this chair is surely its adjustable backrest, which gives you the option to find the perfect backrest height for you, based on your own height. A truly neat feature.

Overall, the Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mid-Back Chair is a fantastic option for college students that are experiencing back pain and are in huge need of a mid-range, mesh back ergonomic chair. Keep in mind that this is not a budget chair, but it does provide excellent value.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Provides excellent value
  • Great for those who are experiencing back pain
  • Backrest adjustability
  • Mesh back provides breathability


  • Weight limit is only 250 lbs

NOUHAUS +Posture Ergonomic PU Leather Office Chair

Another mid-range chair on this list and this time it is the one from a great brand called NOUHAUS. You might remember them from our review of the armless office desk chairs. This one does have flip-up arms and the looks of an executive chair which will make you feel like the boss while you are studying.

That executive design means that this chair has a lot of padding on the seat and the back, unlike the other mesh-back chairs. If you are a fan of this design, you will love this chair. The padding is really soft and it will give you a lot of back support. It can also be found in the headrest. The comfort is great, but for some people, it is not the chair of choice when it comes to studying long hours. Though, that wasn’t the case for us. And, the wider seat is a huge plus for bigger people.

The build quality is as we expected from NOUHAUS; sturdy and well put together. The imitation leather is of good quality and the big bonus that you get with PU leather chairs is that they are very easy to clean. The wheelbase on the bottom looks and feels sturdy and is quite durable. Since this is still a mid-range chair, plastic parts can be found but that is not a huge surprise.

Let’s move to the armrests; they also have a good amount of padding, like most of the parts in this chair but it doesn’t have many adjustment options. However, the lumbar has plenty of adjustments. There are 5 levels and you can adjust them by clicking. It will help you find the right setting for you. Other adjustment features include tension adjustment, high adjustment, and the reclining mechanism.

The +Posture Ergonomic Office Chair from NOUHAUS is a great option for those who prefer classic, executive chairs with a lot of padding to the mesh-back ones. This one has great looks, plenty of padding, and has great value.


  • Great design
  • Plenty of padding
  • Lumbar support
  • Nice colorway
  • Good PU leather
  • Fantastic value


  • Plastic parts can be found
  • Limited armrests adjustments

Herman Miller Mirra 2

We are finishing this review of the best studying chairs with another entry from the popular Herman Miller, the Mirra 2. The Mirra 2 is a less expensive option than the Aeron, but still has that premium build which the Herman Miller brand is known for. But, it is still a fairly light chair, weighing 42 lbs, and we know a lot of people are going to be huge fans of this.

The seat of the Mirra 2 is made from a super soft mesh, but we feel the seat could’ve been a bit more comfortable, especially with this high price tag. If you however prefer the stiffer feel of the seat, you might be a fan of this chair. The back is also made from mesh and it does make you sit more properly, making you develop healthier posture habits. Since it’s made from mesh, it will give you a lot of breathability and it will be especially an important feature for those students who are sweating a lot. And the back is very large also, meaning it will support your whole or most of your back.

Arms on the Herman Miller Mirra 2 are great ones, one of the best of all the chairs on this list. The comfort they have is fantastic and the adjustment options are countless, especially the high adjustments.

We absolutely loved the design of the Mirra 2. This simple and modern design will make anyone who looks at this chair amazed. We especially liked the black colorway with the Butterfly back.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 is a great chair, there is no doubt about that. But, it is not for everyone, especially not for people who would spend 2 hours a day on this chair as then it would not be worth it. It is for those who need an ergonomic chair, have a huge budget, and are planning to sit on it for more than 2 hours. You shouldn’t worry about the assembly process, as the Mirra 2 comes fully assembled. Oh, we forgot to mention that it’s made in the U.S.A and comes with a 12-year warranty.


  • Simple and modern design
  • Soft mesh
  • Large back
  • 12-year warranty
  • Great build quality


  • High price
  • Stiff seat

How To Choose A Chair For Studying

When thinking about which studying chair to get, there are a couple of factors that you should think about. We are here to help you with that, so you don’t make a wrong decision and get a studying chair that doesn’t fit you well or isn’t durable enough.


The first factor you should obviously keep an eye on is the ergonomics of a chair. If you are going to spend a lot of time on a chair studying, it must be ergonomic, support your back, and making you sit in a good posture.

That way you will avoid crawling or sitting improperly and keep developing good sitting habits. You will also avoid back pain, a problem that gets people who don’t sit in an ergonomic chair and in a bad posture.


By quality, we mean the build quality and the quality of the materials. If the chair place, you spend most of your time on, it must be durable and long-lasting. That is mostly the case with high-end chairs; they will last a long time, but if you don’t have that big amount of money to spend on a chair, you should then look at mid-range chairs that should last you 5-6 years.

There is no point in purchasing a chair that won’t last more than a year. You should look at the quality of the materials that the chair is made from and then make a decision.

A good chair should have metal or high-quality plastic parts, solid base and if its back is made from mesh, then it must be good enough to last you many years.


A proper studying chair should have a lot of adjustability options. Not all of us are the same height, weight, and body shape so a quality chair for studying must have adjustable arms, seat height, depth, adjustable lumbar support, and if you prefer that option, seat tilting. Only that way you can find your perfect chair settings and enjoy your studying time.


The design of the chair and its materials determine its level of comfort. A good chair should have enough padding in places you need it and a comfortable back and seat. A chair with a headrest is also a good option if you need more comfort in that area.


The price is obviously a huge factor you should seriously consider before making a decision on which studying chair to get. Higher-end chairs will set you back a huge amount, but they offer the best build quality, best materials, and the longest warranty. They are also the best option if you are searching for a chair for studying long hours.

On the other hand, there are mid-range and budget chairs. Mid-range chairs are not as expensive as high-end chairs but offer very good build quality and comfort levels. Budget chairs have the lowest build quality but if you are looking for a short-term solution, these are the ones for you, as they won’t break the bank and there are a couple of budget chairs that perform solid and can be great options if you are not planning to sit on them for more then 4-5 hours a day.


There is no surprise that the Herman Miller Aeron takes our crown of the best chair for studying. Aeron is a high-end office chair from a world-renowned brand that has all the qualities a chair for studying must have. It is comfortable for long studying hours, it has many adjustability options and it is durable.