Thermal printers are one of the most popular types of printers for personal and business use, and as the thermal printer market is getting bigger and bigger, and brands stepping up their game with new models and features, choosing which thermal printer to get is a difficult choice.

Therefore, we have put together a list of the best brands for thermal printers so you can get a clearer picture of what the current thermal printer market is all about.

Top-Rated Brands for Thermal Printers


Rollo is a relatively new brand compared to the others on this list, but their thermal printers offer great value for money. Super easy to use, excellent print quality and good printing speeds are just some of the reasons why the Rollo Thermal Printer is one of the most popular on the market.

Rollo has two thermal printers in their lineup, a wireless one and a USB one, with the price difference between the two being somewhere around $100. The brand has proven itself as one of the leaders in the market, and customer satisfaction is its main priority.


Also a very young brand, Munbyn focuses on the simplicity of its products, offering a sleek design with the same high-quality thermal printers that you would expect from a much older and prestigious brand.

Their thermal printers are indented for home offices and smaller businesses that don’t chunk out a lot of labels and are equipped with a variety of features including Automatic Label Identification.


Brother is a brand that needs no special introduction, as they have been of the top-rated brands when it comes to all types of printers for a very long time. As a brand that has been around for more than a century, Brother has left a significant mark on the printing industry and continues to do so.

Their line-up of thermal printers is vast and it ranges from printers for home offices to printers for bigger businesses. While their printers may be on the pricier side, they sure make up for it with their excellent quality.


Zebra is a big brand that was founded in 1969 and it produces some of the best thermal printers on the market. Zebra built their first thermal printer back in 1982, so it’s safe to say that they have a lot of experience.

Their output quality is top-of-the-line, and their printers are well-built and have a very user-friendly design. Zebra’s printers range from small ID printers and printers for home office use to bigger industrial printers.


Dymo is another brand that has been around for quite a while, having been established in 1958, and is becoming one of the better brands in the world of thermal printers. The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer is considered one of the best on the market, and surely one of the most popular options for small businesses. 


Epson is a name that has been synonymous with quality since its inception in 1942. Epson printers are known for being reliable, affordable, and having good output quality. Their TM-T20II model is extremely reliable and offers fast printing speed.